The PKC Team

The PKC Group is a voluntary group, and all team members are volunteers, whether they are local to the area or live else where. We all simply make this contribution because we can see the common sense of constructing a canal, just over half a mile long that will reconnect Cefn Mawr and Surrounding Villages to the Inland Waterway Network of the UK. To miss an opportunity such as this would be foolish for not only for us, but our Children and our Grand Children, for generations to come.


David Metcalfe:

PKC Group Project Manager

“Why do I do it, I believe my community deserves a better deal, and I like a challenge”


Iona Jones

PKC Group Driver

"Helping to establish Cefn Mawr as a Rural / Urban Transport Hub for the Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site, Dee Valley and South Wrexham is a practical way that will help our community contribute towards the Sustainable Development Charter goals of the Welsh Assembly Government."


Mike Johnson

PKC Group IT Manager

"I like trying to make the website work better and promote the PKC Group, The Holly Bush Inn and the Community of Cefn at the centre of the Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site."


Sarah Samson:

PKC Group Book Keeper

"Until I joined the group I was unaware of Cefn Mawr and the rich industrial history of the area and like helping out where I can."


Jennyanne Smith:

PKC Group Freelance Sculptor & Arts Director

“This project provides a wonderful opportunity for both myself and my work such as the Festival of Light and a couple of books I am writing on the area”


Kristyna Morrison

PKC Group Heritage Footpaths and CRNCA Link

“I run the CRNCA which is the Cefn Rhosymedre & Newbridge Community Association, so this fits in just fine with me, and the tow path along the canal will be a nice walk.”


Tricia Lorenz

PKC Group Political Corespondent and TyMawr Country Park Link

I am a retired headteacher, and I have been living in Cefn for six years. I am vice-chair of the friends of Ty Mawr Country park and sometimes volunteer at the Trevor Basin vistor's cnetre on the Llangollen canal.I love the Welsh countryside, and want to help this community thrive.


Sonia B Jones

PKC Group - Cefn Community News Editor & DVT Link

I believe in working for and supporting our community and take an active role in many things.The aims of the group are for the good of all and therefore I take an active role in support of our people."



Steve Bowyer

PKC Group team member & One Good Hand

"I like helping out my community and I also work with the local football club, Cefn Albion and Dave likes me being along as well"


Cathrine Metcalfe

PKC Group Head Chef & Catering Manager

"I like helping my Dad and I like cooking, and you will to when I get round to it in the Cefn, but just having another baby at the moment so you will all just have to wait a little bit longer."


Kate Tiltman

PKC Group Vicar

"I am the vicar of Rhosymedre which covers the townships of Cefn, Acrefair and Newbridge.  I live in Rhosymedre, next to St John’s Church in Church Street and want to see our community back on it's feet."



Yvonne Pryce:

PKC Group team member

“This is for the good of the community and all religions are welcome in our group.”


Catrin Pryce:

PKC Group Team Photographer

“I like helping my Mum”


Howard Paddock

PKC Group Local Historian

“As a local historian I am taking a great interest in the reinstatement of the Plas Kynaston Canal and hope that this cane eventually include the restoration of the Plas Kynaston Hall”

Adrian Truby

PKC Group member

"Having lived in the Village all my life I would like to see it brought back to life now that the Monsato and Air Product works have closed and believe there are lots of oppertunity for this if we work together."

Peter Wright

PKC Group Historical Sosciety Link

"I am a member of the Cefn Historical Sosiety and would like to see some of our old infrastructure used to help set or community onto the road of sustainable tourism development so that we can improve our community."


Paul Whale:

PKC Group Team Architect

“Cefn Mawr offers some very interesting opportunities that have been missed and I would like to see these developed in an appropriate fashion”


Gareth Jones:

PKC Group Solicitor (Cyril Jones & Co. Solicitors)

This is a noble cause that will benefit the whole county of Wrexham”


Stephen Welch

PKC Group Surveyor

“Someone has to make sure the group stays on the right path towards regenerating the community of Cefn Mawr in the post industrial period”



Phillip Parker

PKC Group Canal & Structural Engineer

"I am a Civil Engineer with extensive work experince through British Waterways involving sturctural assessments including the Pontcysyllte Aqueuduct and Andertone Boat Lift.


Duncan Grout

PKC Group Accountant

“I am the head bean counter and I make sure the books balance at the end of the day for the Group and the Tax Man”