Sustainable Development Charter for Wales

The PKC Group is a signatory to the Sustainable Development Charter for Wales. The PKC Group registered with the charter in 2015 because the SDC reflected the principles on which the PKC Group work.


The PKC Group is committed to the regeneration of Cefn Mawr from the post industrial depression brought about by the only two major employers in the area, moving operations elsewhere in the world. This was then in addition to the general global recession of 2010. These companies where Monsanto and Air Products who closed their works, in Cefn Mawr leaving vacant and contaminated sites behind in our community and high levels of unemployment. Therefore the PKC Group looked at what could be done in the community to help regenerate the local economy on a sustainable basis for future generations.


  • The PKC Group seeks long term solutions that will continue to support the community in years to come on a sustainable basis.
  • The PKC Group seeks to fully integrate with social, economic and environmental aspects within the local community to bring about positive change.
  • The PKC Group seeks engagement with people in everything they do and encourages others to work with them in partnership.


Furthermore the PKC Group considers the impact of their ideas, proposals and actions with regard to the environment and ecological footprint so that actual progress is made for reducing pollution, contamination, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. This is again is an overall objective.


The PKC Group is accountable for the work that we do, and take pride in doing so. We work towards proving long term solutions that will be of benefit to the community on a social well being, environmental and economic basis. To accomplish we evaluate the consequences of both action and inaction before we engage in taking ideas forward. We look at how our ideas will interact with the existing businesses and local infrastructure to enable coordination with such rather than generate unfair and biased competition, as has so often been the case in the past. Our ideas and proposals are designed to promote local business to foster the economy in the most appropriate way. Please try reading them, they are on our LDP2 page.


The PKC Group uses Evidence Base to support their proposals and have access one of the finest collections of cartography in the world for the local area that they work in, i.e. the Cefn. Furthermore for the Ex Monsanto site the PKC Group request access to the intrusive survey report compiled by Scot Wilson for the contamination levels within the site.  


The PKC Group also support the statements in the SDC:


  • Polluter Pays:  social and environmental costs of development should fall on those who impose them.
  • Local Solutions: solve problems, especially in managing waste and pollution, locally rather than passing onto others or to future generations.


The PKC Group firmly believe that the situation of an ex Monsanto Chemical Works Site being allowed to remain as a barrier against a sustainable income for our community should not be allowed. This defies all the principles of the Sustainable Development Charter.

Therefore we are doing something about it. We try to engage with Eastman’s Chemicals, now the site owners, in dialogue for a positive and constructive outcome that will enable the pursuance of our stated proposals, for the benefit of our community and the environment of Wales, that are being submitted to the Wrexham County Borough Council for inclusion in the LDP2.