PKC Group Meeting Tuesday 8th October 1900 @ The Holly Bush Inn

Dear All, no pictures this issue, just news. We the PKC Group are now holding monthly meetings in the Holly Bush Inn on the second Tuesday of each month, start time 1900. Next meeting will be 8th of October. Our main issue remains the Economic Regeneration of our community and the preferred route (because of opportunity) is for Sustainable Tourism Development. The opportunity that we have, are surrounded with, and intersected by could set us up as a Transport Hub and Tourist Destination in our own right, if the dots were simply joined together in accordance with, Welsh Planning Policy and the Future Generations Act 2015.


However, this does not seem to be happening. We offered WCBC twice their asking price for the Ebenezer to save it from going to auction earlier this year. We would like to reopen it as an Arts & Visitor Centre for the Cefn & Cefn Mawr at the centre of the Pontcysyllte WHS. However, although WCBC withdrew the Ebenezer from auction and offered it to us, the terms of sale by WCBC were unacceptable. Since then WCBC entered closed meetings with CCC, Cefn Community Council which we are not included in. Derek Wright has informed us an announcement will be made next month in October regarding CCC plans. The irony of all this is that the Ebenezer closed in 2013 from the very problem our village centre still struggles with, a lack of footfall in the middle of an area with one of the highest tourists counts in Wales.


With the opening of the new Aldi supermarket at the Ruabon roundabout we will see a further reduction in traffic and retail activity in our villages (all). Local Authorities like to blame internet shopping, but mail order is nothing new and is well over 100 years old. The truth is, satellite retail parks have been the root cause of decay for our town centres up and down the country. These retail parks built over the last 50 years pay councils premium rates which is why we see so many. Then to supposedly help local commerce in town centres, rates free areas are established, but what incentive does this give the local authorities to look after their local people? This is a bad situation and it is happening here in our community. There is also the ever-present possibility that another supermarket opening on the 2-acre site indicated for such on the A539. What chance do our local people and shop keepers stand when the large supermarkets are clubbing it out with approval from the council?


As you know and simply reading the various issues of the Cefn Community News Letter we have been consistently lobbying both CRT, Canal & River Trust and WCBC to include our community in the “Trevor Basin Master Plan”  in ways that will work and although they say they have, we have yet to see proof of this. Following meetings, we have had with both, their main concern seems to be where to build the new multimillion-pound visitor centre?


Our main concern are they development areas, and what may happen there. In the 2012 Master Plan a new Hotel, Bar and Restaurant was indicated, and we know that a Plas Coch type affair will be opened at the Ruabon roundabout. This coupled with further franchise activity at the Trevor Basin will no doubt affect us in the Holly Bush Inn and all other local pubs. Therefore, we would like to invite all local landlords and pub owners to our next meeting in the Holly Bush Inn. We also invite all local businesses and commercial property owners to come along and see how we can stand together. We have estimated that between us, under the THI Scheme, we have invested something around £2M from our own funds into our village centre, and now is being written off in favour new development at the Trevor Basin and elsewhere?


 We also invite all members of our community who have an interest in providing a better place for their Children and Grand Children in accordance with the FGA 2015 and WPP to come along as it says on our website. We must look forward and at long term positive planning for our community which is the largest community in the WHS, World Heritage Site corridor and struggling with the one of the highest unemployment rates in NE Wales. If you care about your family and community please come along, we would like to see you.


Regards, David Metcalfe, Cefn Community Councillor & Dee Valley AONB Champion.

Local Trader Signage for Cefn Mawr
This planning application was put together in 2016 to support our local traders and show the passing traffic at the Tesco Roundabout that our village center was still open for business. Unfortunately the planning application was refused because of objection by WCBC and CCC.Therefore the matter is now being raised once again so that hopefully we can get planning permission for the signage and help our local traders which could even increase job opportunity through increased economic activity.
LTS Planning Application 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.8 MB]

This events page is for you to advertise local events in Cefn Mawr and surrounding villages for the local community. All are welcome from Karaoke Nights in the local pubs to computer classes at the community centre, just email to to be pasted up here!