A collection of news stories affecting our community during 2023. As of 2020 we noted our community will be liable to a higher tax burned for HS2 than it would cost to build a much-needed railway station at the centre of our community and the Pontcysyllte WHS. Therefore, we object to HS2, or as we call it, “The Welsh Bypass”. Furthermore, our railway line (Marchers) offers a viable alternative to the main West Coast Line as the former Wrexham & Shropshire Service proved before closure in 2010. We ask, why not use this to alleviate congestion on the main West Coastline, which would literally save billions of pounds.

With the now accepted (2021) cost of HS2 at £106 billion pounds and maybe more confirms the forecast of £1500 taxation for very man, woman and child in the UK. This means that our community numbering 10,000 people will contribute £15 million pounds. A first-rate railway station for Cefn Mawr next to Tesco will only cost around £12 million pounds.

Wales on Line 10th December 2023

The most polluted places in Wales revealed including one area of outstanding beauty


Wales on Line 10th December 2023

'We're being driven back into our cars' The shocking state of Wales' railways


Leader Live 9th December 2023

Leader readers reveal their favourite winter stroll spots


Leader Live 8th December 2023

Wrexham named as one of the 'best places to visit' in 2024


Local Government Lawyer 7th December 2023

Judge tells Welsh council to adopt its local plan


Leader Live 4th December 2023

WREXHAM: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct levelling up funding


MSN 30th November 2023

Go with the flow down the world’s most BEAUTIFUL waterways


Daily Post 30th November 2023

Sad state of popular Dee Valley attraction overrun with visitors


Denbighshire Free Press 30th November 2023

Llangollen: Horseshoe Falls set for improvement works


Leader Live 30th November 2023

Company plans London to Shropshire and Wrexham rail service


Leader Live 29th November 2023

Judge tells Wrexham Council to adopt LDP after unlawful vote


Shropshire Star 26th November 2023

The Christmas Express steams through Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury


Shropshire Star 25th November 2023

How getting to Liverpool Airport from Shropshire by train is about to get a lot easier


Leader Live 24th November 2023

Wrexham Council reminder residents to park 'responsibly'


Shropshire Star 24th November 2023

Two steam locos to run through Shropshire on Saturday - when and where you can see them


Shropshire Star 16th November 2023

Graffiti vandal sprays paint tag on world heritage Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - police investigating


Leader Live 15th November 2023

Appeal after graffiti sprayed on Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


Wales on Line 9th November 2023

Water bosses grilled about sewage spills in Wales


Leader Live 13th November 2023

Remembrance: Cefn community's 'beautiful' poppy waterfall


Wales On Line 8th November 2023

Long-running Welsh tourist attraction closes to public with immediate effect


Leader Liver 8th November 2023

WREXHAM: Housing approved for former Acrefair factory site


Leader Live 7th November 2023

Pubs across Wrexham and Chester in darts competition


The Leader 7th November 2023

Theresa May urges PM to ‘press accelerator’ on net zero transition

Daily Post 6th November 2023

Amazing Northern Lights display over North Wales


Daily Post 5th November 2023

The 10 most expensive and cheapest postcodes in North Wales - and the giant gap between them


BBC Country File 3rd November 2023

Best stand-up paddleboarding places in UK: 10 beautiful locations for top paddling adventures


The Wrexham Herald 3rd November 2023

More than 20 new homes could be built on former factory site in Acrefair

Leader Live 1st November 2023

Cefn Mawr Carnival, 1974. Don't worry if you can't make this date, we will have more sessions about different topics on the first Thursday of the ...


Leader Live 22nd October 2023

Wrexham one of three counties up for community funding


Daily Post 18th October 2023

Rubbish piled high and bins 'full of flies' as Wrexham strike rumbles on


Wales on Line 15th October 2023

Snapchat video showed driver drinking a cider moments before killing his friend in a crash

The Leader Live 13th October 2023

Jonny Garrett holds debut exhibition at Ebenezer Chapel


Leader Live 11th October 2023

Bailey Jones: Tributes to 20-year-old Wrexham AFC fan


The Manc 8th October 2023

The world’s ‘most captivating’ Unesco site is just an hour from Manchester


Wrexham Council News 4th October 2023

Celebrate The Sweet chestnut – Tree of the Year Event 2023 at Acton Park, Wrexham


Wales on Line 3rd October 2023

Welsh landmark named ‘most captivating in the world’ above sites in Brazil and Canada


Leader Live 3rd October 2023

WREXHAM: Plans for 33 new homes in Acrefair rejected


Shropshire Star 3rd October 2023             

'I've never seen crime like this in 28 years': Tesco boss on track to lose £100000 from gangs


Leader Live 1st October 2023

Wrexham to get £20 million from UK government


Metro 30th September 2023

UK landmark crowned the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world


Daily Post 30th September 2023

Locals baffled as North Wales village named one of hardest places to live in the country


The Express 27th September 2023

The world’s most captivating UNESCO sites named and the best is in the UK - full list


Wrexham Council News 26th September 2023

UK Shared Prosperity Fund: Four new grant schemes launched in Wrexham


Wales on Line 25th September 2023

The 20 places in Wales where life is hardest, featuring Cefn Mawr.


The Wrexham Herald 25th September 2023

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal named the most captivating UNESCO site in the world

Nation Cymru 25th September 2023

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal named world’s most captivating UNESCO site


Shropshire Star 23rd September 2023

Atmosphere gives a beautiful show in Shropshire before the storm


Wales On Line 22nd September 2023

More than 100 police officers take part in three days of raids as 20 arrested


The Guardian 18th September 2023

Pub closures rise sharply amid warning over planned business rate change 


Wrexham Council News 14th September 2023

New Data Reveals Significant Impact of Tourism on Wrexham County


Shropshire Star 23rd September 2023

Atmosphere gives a beautiful show in Shropshire before the storm


Canal & River Trust 20th September 2023

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct & Visitor Centre


Leader Live 16th September 2023

Wrexham: Residents urged to have say on health services


Wrexham Council News 13th September 2023

Shared Prosperity latest…


Leader Live 12th September 2023

Labour to vote against ‘reckless’ plan to scrap housebuilding pollution rules


Rhyl Journal 11th September 2023

Which? members select Llangollen as Wales' best town including the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.


Syndey Morning Herald 8th September 2023

World-heritage listed ‘Stream in the Sky’ will take your breath away.


Whitchurch Herald 6th September 2023

Shropshire: Whitchurch Waterway Festival is another success in 2023.


Boarder Counties Advertiser 1st September 2023

Fron Voice Choir set for appearance on Welcome to Wrexham


Boarder Counties Advertiser 1st September 2023

Shropshire: Weston Rhyn Plough Inn pub landlord to retire


Rhyl Journal 27th August 2023

Camera Club member Cathie shares stunning photos of Llangollen Canal


The Wrexham Herald 24th August 2023

Biopharmaceutical manufacturer lodges expansion plans with Wrexham Council


Canal & River Trust 24th August 2023

New programme of work to help protect our waterways


Denbighshire Free Press 25th August 2023

Bank holiday weekend: Plan head when visiting Denbighshire


Leader Live 21st August 2023

Meeting held to discuss 'future economy' of Cefn Mawr


US Times Post 16th August 2023

The bizarre UK attraction where you can go ‘kayaking in the sky’ – and it’s the tallest in the world


Boarder Counties Advertiser 16th August 2023

Wrexham: Chirk Victorian Day success to celebrate 175 years


Leader Live 14th August 2023

Car boat seen cruising along Llangollen canal at the weekend


BBC 14th August 2023

Appeal for £60k to keep restored section of Whitchurch canal open

Shropshire Star 11th August 2023

MP welcomes progress on multi-million-pound levelling up project.


Daily Post 2nd August 2023

Drivers divided over what 'alien abduction' sign in North Wales really means


Leader Live 30th July 2023

Wrexham and Flintshire photographers take on reflections


Leader Live 30th July 2023

Red Arrows set to fly over Wrexham on Sunday evening


Leader Live 26th July 2023

WREXHAM: Planning decisions list to be online only


Leader Live 25th July 2023

WREXHAM: Plans approved for former Co-op in Cefn Mawr

Shropshire Star 25th July 2023

Montgomery Canal restoration is moving on at pace

Leader Live 20th July 2023

Summer parking preparations made in Llangollen


Wrexham Council News 18th July 2023

Carbon and Climate Conversations Wrexham – have your say!


Leader Live 18th July 2023

‘Nuclear renaissance’ promised as Government banks on small reactors plan


Daily Post 17th July 2023

North Wales 'stream in the sky' World Heritage Site 'at risk of closure'


Leader Live 15th July 2023

CEFN MAWR: Portrait artist proves popular among residents


Shropshire Star 15th July 2023

World heritage site 'could be under threat by cuts in canal funding'


Boarder Counties Advertiser 12th July 2023

Plans for improvement for trains from Wrexham to Chester


Denbighshire Free Press 10th July 2023

Government funding cut will lead to canal closures, charity says

Daily Mail 8th July 2023 

Enjoying a duck's eye view of England on the Shropshire Union Canal (plus other amazing ...


Leader Live 2nd July 2023

Wrexham bucket list: 14 must tries according to Chat GPT


Leader Live 30th June 2023

New five-step plan for improvements to Wrexham/Bidston line


About Manchester 19th June 2023

Top 8 summer days out boating on the canals


The Leader Live 18th June 2023

More people needed for Cefn's 'In Bloom' or it will be lost forever


The Leader Live 17th June 2023

Vale of Llangollen Canal Boat Trust celebrates its 40th birthday


Shropshire Star 15th June 2023

Frustrated Transport for Wales train passengers get to vent problems at deputy minister


Denbighshire Free Press 13th June 2023

Vale of Llangollen Canal Boat Trust celebrates its 40th birthday


The Press & Journal 12th June 2023

Fears 60% of wildcats reintroduced to Cairngorms could die as part of scheme


The Leader Live 9th June 2023

Cefn Mawr school's difficulties since B5605 Newbridge Road closed


Wrexham Council News 8th June 2023

Five low carbon communities identified


Wales on Line 6th June 2023

Giant cruise ship sails into Welsh port for first time ever


Country File 6th June 2023

Pontcysyllte to Chirk walk, Wrexham


Boarder Counties Advertiser 6th June 2023

HUNDREDS of people learned about Ellesmere’s canal history after the success of a specially-commissioned play last weekend.


Shropshire Star 6th June 2023

More than 400 people flocked to a canal yard for a taste of history and theatre as an open-air play was performed.


Shropshire Star 4th June 2023

A stretch of the Montgomery Canal in Shropshire has reopened with a sea shanty sung as the first steam powered passenger narrowboat cut the historic ribbon.


Country Times 1st June 2023

Calls for review into Transport for Wales after 'failings'


Daily Post 29th May 2023

Nature's treasure trove and the three places in North Wales best for finding it


Leader Live 29th May 2023

Cefn Mawr and Llangollen tourism businesses welcome MS 28th May 2023

Some councillors should “look in the mirror” as “bad behaviour” in meetings gets called out by Audit Committee


Shropshire Star 29th May 2023

A stretch of the Montgomery Canal in Shropshire has reopened for boating and other users, marking the completion of the next phase of its restoration.


Leader Live 16th of May 2023

Maelor club's Cory is boxing clever for big BoxAm event


Daily Post 13th May 2023

North Wales town on Tripadvisor list of UK's fastest growing destinations


Boarder Counties Advertiser 4th May 2023

Shropshire: Oswestry arts trail set to showcase area talent


Boarder Counties Advertiser 1st May 2023

Interpretation panels installed at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


The Leader 28th April 2023

Over 10,000 trees planted in Wrexham over winter and autumn


The Leader 26th April 2023

Wrexham: MS shares residents’ frustrations over Newbridge delays


Wales on Line 24th April 2023

Photos show Northern Lights in Wales last night and they were seen far south as Penzance in Cornwall 20th April 2023

LDP reaction: “This is unlikely to be the end of the matter”


Leader Live 20th April 2023

WREXHAM: Local Development Plan rejected by councillors


Wirral Globe 20th April 2023

New Bidston to Wrexham hybrid train lines face disruption


Shropshire Live 19th April 2023

Ellesmere group welcomes home historic boat


Daily Mail 19th April 2023            

Question about Henry VIII sparked grandfather's 40-year passion for collecting royal memorabilia.

And in 2018, he also displayed his collections at The Cefn Mawr and District Museum over a three month exhibition. However, Mr Smith's collection ...


The Leader Live 18th April 2023

10 pubs in Wrexham and Flintshire closed during 2022


Daily Mail 14th April 2023

Dame Joanna Lumley demands ministers ban cages that still hold 10million chickens in UK as undercover footage reveals 'cruelly overcrowded' conditions at egg producer


In Your Area 11th April 2023

Walkers raise over £20,000 for Hope House Children’s Hospices


Shropshire Star 5th April 2023

Walkers raise more than £20,000 for Hope House


Wales on Line 5th April 2023

The eight pubs named the best in Wales


Border Counties Advertiser 4th April 2023

Llangollen to Chirk walk in aid of Hope House Hospice


Chester Standard 4th April 2023

The Flintshire area that's richer than anywhere in north and mid Wales, and Cefn Mawr and Caia Park now rate as the poorest areas in Northeast Wales.


Business Wales 3rd April 2023

New powers for local authorities to address impact of second and empty homes come into force


Rail Advent 3rd April 2023

Wales’ first battery-electric train enters service on Borderlands Line


Wales on Line 3rd April 2023

The terrifying amount of sewage poured into rivers, lakes and seas around Wales last year. Welsh Water dumped sewage into waterways in 2022 for the equivalent of 68 years.


Leader Live 27th March 2023

CHIRK: Community hub granted permission for solar panels


Daily Post 25th March 2023

Richest and poorest areas of North Wales show huge earning differences between neighbours


Boarder Counties Advertiser 25th March 2023

Wrexham: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct trips starting from April to September


Leader Live 22nd March 2023

Wrexham: Campaigners look for assurances over new GP surgeries


Leader Live 20th March 2023

Llangollen active travel scheme is seeking opinions


The Leader Live 19th March 2023

Chester Zoo snow leopard habitat plan given the green light


MSN 17th March 2023

The World's Coolest Canals You'll Love to Wander Past


Leader Live 14th March 2023

Northern Belle train pulled by famous Tangmere to come to Wrexham


Daily Post 10th March 2023

Full list of Wales pubs on Marston’s 61 strong list of sites put up for sale


The Independent 10th March 2023

10 of the best last-minute Easter holidays to book now, from Cornwall to Turkey 8th March 2023

Phosphates Summit looks for collaborative future “Without having the contribution from all sectors, that can’t happen”


The Leader Live 7th March 2023

Wrexham’s Local Development Plan 'meets the tests of soundness'


The Leader Live 7th March 2023

Wrexham: 109 people have apply for shared prosperity funding


Wales on Line 7th March 2023

Met Office updates snow warning to include most of Wales


The Leader 5th March 2023

Leader Camera Club photographers take on 'dark' challenge


BBC 5th March 2023

King's Coronation: Pubs to stay open longer in England and Wales


BBC 4th March 2023

Transport for Wales: Trains withdrawn for safety checks following fires


Wales on Line 2 March 2023

The frustrated cafe owner who spent £3,000 on a speed monitor


Wales on Line 1st March 2023

Met Office has date for snow with sub-zero temperatures also forecast


Denbighshire Free Press 28th February 2023

GALLERY: More stunning scenic shots from our camera club


Boarder Counties Advertiser 28th February 2023

Wrexham: Chirk Councillors discuss footbridge over River Dee


Wales on Line 23rd February 2023

What the Met Office says about snow and 'beast from the east' as freezing temperatures hit Wales


The Leader Live 22nd February 2023

Wrexham: Residents slam time taken for Newbridge Road repairs.


Nation Cymru 20th February 2023

Bids invited from contractors to repair road closed, B5605 since 2021


Country Time 16th February 2023

Powys: Brewery teams up to launch new ale for canal restoration


My Welshpool 16th February 2023

Cheers! A beer and boating mix to raise canal funds


Leader Live 15th February 2023

Wrexham: Lesley Griffiths MS gives her views after A483 plan scrapped, and the PKC Group agrees with the Welsh Government. Reopening Rhosymedre Halt would be a fraction of the costs involved with the A483.


The Mirror 14th February 2023

UK's longest and most impressive canal tunnels to visit on narrowboat holidays. There are more than 50 tunnels on the country’s 2,000-plus miles of waterways, ranging in length from just 25 yards to more than three miles, and you can boat through most of them


The Leader 14th February 2023

Wrexham: Plans to upgrade A483 junction scrapped by Welsh Government


Wales on Line 14th February 2023

Welcome to 'wet wipe walk' where trees with sanitary towels for leaves line a pretty park river trail


Border Counties Advertiser 7th February 2023

Wrexham: Clwyd South MS makes final hour plea for A483 improvement


Daily Post 6th February 2023

Vital road closed two years ago 'unlikely' to re-open in 2023


Leader Live 2nd February 2023

Wrexham announces council plan for 2023-2028


Leader Live 2nd February 2023

Maelor boxer Cory is too strong for English champion


Shropshire Star 2nd February 2023

Mother urges people to support Hope House annual canal walk


Denbighshire Free Press 2nd February 2023

Views on Llangollen project can be made before February 12


Leader Live 1st February 2023

School news from classrooms across Wrexham and Flintshire


Wrexham Council News 1st February 2023



Border Counties Advertiser 31st January 2023

Wrexham's transport issues highlighted at the Senedd


The Leader 25th January 2023

Ryan Reynolds' support for Wrexham man walking across America


Boarder Counties Advertizer 25th January 2023

Shropshire: Famous 'Britannia' steam train travelling through Gobowen

Shropshire Star 24th January 2023

Famous steam loco to run through county four times this week - when and where to see it

Shropshire Star 2nd January 2023

Major canal restoration work to begin within days 21st January 2023

How a couple transformed a derelict old bank into a dream home with astounding interiors


Country Life 13th January 2023

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct: Thomas Telford’s ‘ribbon of water in the sky’

Shropshire Star 11th January 2023

Classic steam loco running through Shropshire every day this week - when and where to see it

Boarder Counties Advertiser 11th January 2023

Shropshire: Cambrian Heritage Railway up for reader's choice award

Country Life 13th January 2023

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct: Thomas Telford’s ‘ribbon of water in the sky’


Shropshire Star 11th January 2023

Classic steam loco running through Shropshire every day this week - when and where to see it 8th January 2023

Incredible Penycae man walking 3,000 miles across America for Hope House


Leader Live 8th January 2023

Wrexham named UK city with second highest CO2 per 10k people. Data has suggested that the UK produced over 400 million tonnes of CO2 in 2021, which was a 6.3% increase on the previous year. According to the data Wrexham was named the UK city with the second highest CO2 emissions per population following Newport.

The Leader 7th January 2023

Opportunity for artists across four North Wales counties


Lancashire Post 6th January 2023

£13m project launched to stop North West canals "falling back into dereliction"


Shropshire Live 4th January 2023

Do something amazing in 2023 for Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith children’s hospices


The Leader 3rd January 2023

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct towpath closed for repair works 1st January 2023

Welcome to 2023 !


Please note the Cefn & Cefn Mawr covers all the villages at the central section of the Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site consisting of Cefn Mawr (leading commercial centre), Cefn Bychan, Rhosymedre, Plas Madoc, Acrefair, Garth, Trevor, Cysyllte, Froncysyllte, Pentre, and Newbridge. The total population is approximately 10,000 and is the largest community in the WHS corridor outnumbering the combined populations of Chirk and Llangollen. We all live in a 2-mile radius circle of Cefn Mawr village centre and our pub, the Holly Bush Inn.

Please also note that the WIMD is dated 2014 and based on preceding information, in short there is a significant time delay with the above picture and the economic structure of our community has without doubt, deteriorated further than is depicted in this WIMD data.

For an up to date assessment of our communities current status please see:

Cefn Wider Social & Economic Study 2020