Dear Reader, you will note that a lot of the articles in this news column are about the realities of what the HS2 rail program will cause or is causing. The PKC Group believe as many other groups do across the UK that a more efficient and better rail service would be acomplished by upgrading and reopening our existing regional railways. Our own line could aleviate consdierable trafffic from the West Coast Main Line for a fraction of the cost and provide services that we can use, such as the former Wrexham & Shropshire commercially viable. Please also see our HS2 page.


Furthermore, the tax burden that our community will face for HS2 is in excess of what a Railway Sation in Cefn Mawr would cost, that most of us could use. So this is an ideal example of what we say and why H2S is no good for most of the people of the UK.

Daily Mail 22nd November 2020

At least 22 are arrested after anti-lockdown protesters chanting 'freedom' clash with police as hundreds march against Covid restrictions through streets of Bournemouth, Liverpool, Basildon and Hyde Park.


Chester Standard 20th November 2020

Chancellor urged to provide £20m to fund Cheshire, North Wales and Wirral rail improvements 20th November 2020

Local Development Plan future in doubt as political support pulled after Inspector writes of “very serious reservations”


Wrexham Council News 19th November 2020



Daily Mail 18th November 2020



East Anglian Daily Times 12th November 2020

Fresh fears for Minsmere as PM prepares special environment speech


Metro 12th November 2020

Trees replaced with cranes after being torn down for HS2 works


The Leader Live 11th November 2020

Figures reveal where coronavirus has been circulating in Wrexham and Flintshire communities


Daily Post 11th November 2020

The 10 areas in North Wales with the highest rates of Covid-19


The Guardian 11th November 2020

Cast-iron classics: six great walks along Britain’s industrial waterways


Wrexham Council News 10th November 2020



Leader Live 10th November 2020

Major revamp of visitor facilities at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct hailed as ‘fantastic opportunity’ 10th November 2020

Plans to improve visitor experience at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct move to next stage after being backed by councillors


Wrexham Council News 9th November 2020



The Courier 7th November 2020

Huge Covid bill means government must clip its wings – Scrap HS2?


The Leader 6th November 2020

Wrexham Council to discuss Trevor Basin Technical Masterplan for the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal World Heritage Site at next meeting 6th November 2020

Ambitious plans to boost visitor experience and tourism at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct set for next step


Wrexham Council News 4th November 2020



Daily Mail 4th November 2020

HS2 project could cost the taxpayer £170BILLION, claims deputy chairman of official review


The Times 4th November 2020

HS2 ‘on track to cost taxpayer £170bn’


Daily Post 3rd November 2020

The 10 North Wales areas where coronavirus has been spreading the fastest


Ham & High 3rd November 2020

‘Unbearable’ HS2 construction noise making lockdown ‘impossible’ for residents, says Camden


Rail Technology 3rd November 2020

Why is the East Coast Main Line Upgrade so vital to passengers?


Shropshire Star 2nd November 2020

Autumn leaves cloak canal at Ellesmere as drier week ahead


Leader Live 3rd November 2020

Figures reveal where coronavirus has been circulating in Wrexham and Flintshire communities


Wrexham Council News 2nd November 2020



Wrexham Council News 1st November 2020



Camden New Journal 1st November 2020

We’re left to deal with HS2’s destruction


The Leader 29th October 2020

Campaigners welcome major breakthrough as site identified for new Cefn Mawr health centre


Camden New Journal 29th October 2020

Lives being sacrificed for the scandalous HS2 project 27th October 2020

Third phase of Economic Resilience Fund opening tomorrow – with new rates grant support for businesses


Wrexham Council News 23rd October 2020



Wrexham Council News 23rd October 2020



The Daily Mail 23rd October 2020

Leading ecologists warn moving ancient woodland to make way for HS2 is a 'fundamentally flawed' idea based on no strong evidence


Knutsford Guardian 23rd October 2020

HS2 'will devastate environment', says High Legh councillor


Wrexham Council News 22nd October 2020



Business Live 5th August 2020

The £120m train station for South Wales at the heart of a new business district for 6,000 workers


Daily Post 26th March 2019

Plans to re-open Bangor - Caernarfon railway line and the benefits it could bring


Daily Post 10th March 2019

Bringing back disused railway between Caernarfon and Bangor ... for £16m a mile


Wales on Line 4th January 2019

The permanent damage Lord Beeching did to Wales and its rail network


Wales on Line 21st October 2020

Welsh Government set to nationalise railways with Transport for Wales takeover


Leader Live 21st October 2020

New figures show area-by-area breakdown of where coronavirus has been circulating in Flintshire and Wrexham


Leader 21st October 2020

Housing association enters plans for 34 affordable homes in Wrexham village


Knutsford Guardian 21st October 2020

HS2 scrutiny stepped up as questions raised over scheme


BBC 21st October 2020

An award-winning pear tree has been felled to make way for HS2


The Ecologist 21st October 2020

HS2 fells 'tree of the year'


BBC 21st October 2020

HS2 & Medieval graffiti to 'ward off evil spirits' found


Wrexham Council News 21st October 2020



Wrexham Council News 20th October 2020



The Guardian 20th October 2020

Former tree of the year felled in Warwickshire to make way for HS2


The London Economic 20th October 2020

One of UK’s oldest wild pear trees chopped down to make way for HS2


Wrexham Council News 20th October 2020



Business Live 20th October 2020

HS2: investigation launched into Jurassic geology beneath rail route that will 'inform design'


Kenilworth Weekly News 20th October 2020

Ancient Cubbington pear tree's "days are numbered" as HS2 work continues on surrounding land


Leader Live 19th October 2020

Kellogg's factory employees donate thousands to causes close to their heart


The Ecologist 19th October 2020

Stop HS2 to give nature a fighting chance


The Leader 15th October 2020

Councillors hope that coronavirus will not halt 'significant strides' taken to bring health centre to Cefn Mawr


New Civil Engineer 15th October 2020

HS2 has already spent a quarter of £40bn Phase One target cost


The Spectator 15th October 2020

Test and Trace has been a phenomenal waste of money


BBC 14th October 2020

HS2 costs rise again weeks after work begins


The Guardian 13th October 2020

UK shoppers spend £261m more on alcohol amid Covid pub curfew


The Guardian 13th October 2020

Cost of HS2 high-speed rail line rises by £800m


Building 13th October 2020

Construction firms were paid close to £900m by HS2 in the first six months of the year.


New Civil Engineer 13th October 2020

HS2 has spent more than £100M on Euston station designs


The Leader 12th October 2020

Grant Shapps, transport minister for UK Government, to discuss issue over lack of step free access at Ruabon Station


Rail News 12th October 2020

RAILWAY operators are now in a curious position, but they are not all in the same boat. The franchised ... This is what happened to Wrexham & Shropshire almost a decade ago, and its services just disappeared from the timetables.


Morning Star 12th October 2020

Climate activists block entrances to large HS2 tunnelling site


Bucks Herald 12th October 2020

HS2 and environmentalists face off at Jones Hill Wood over rare Barbastelle bats


Life Gate 12th October 2020

HS2, the high-speed railway will cost the UK many of its ancient woodlands 12th October 2020

The Local Development Plan is still nowhere to be seen. Is it four or five years since it was meant to have been signed off? Meanwhile in the absence ...


Leader Live 9th October 2020

Almost four in five schools in Wrexham affected by coronavirus


Leader Live 8th October 2020

Llangollen dog trainer helps North Wales rescue charities with launch of new book 6th October 2020

Improvement notice served on pub as Council say “we won’t hesitate to act when people are being put at risk”


Solihull Observer 4th October 2020

Outrage at Solihull's plans to build opposite historic windmill


BBC 2nd October 2020

HS2 protest: 'More climb trees' at Roald Dahl wood eviction


Evening Express 2nd October 2020

‘I will stay in this tree’ – HS2 protesters stand firm as eviction bid restarts


Bucks Free Press 2nd October 2020

Jones' Hill Woods HS2 protesters stand firm in treetop protests


Express & Star 2nd October 2020

Fury as trees felled in Staffordshire woods to make way for HS2


Shropshire Star 1st October 2020

New Welsh restrictions a hammer blow for border businesses


Leamington Courier 1st October 2020

Anti-HS2 protesters are holding a series of events to raise awareness of the tree felling in and around the Warwick district


The Mirror 1st October 2020

Tears and rage in the HS2 'killing fields' of England - while Boris Johnson promises a greener country


BBC 30th September 2020

Backlash as HS2 fells ancient Staffordshire woodlands 'too early'


Lichfield Live 30th September 2020

Protesters say they won’t stay silent while trees are chopped down in Lichfield to make way for HS2


Leamington Courier 30th September 2020

Last minute petition to save our much-loved historic pear tree near Cubbington attracts 10,000 signatures in just three weeks


Leamington Courier 30th September 2020

Campaigners head to our historic Cubbington pear tree as HS2 cherry pickers are on site


Leader Live 30th September 2020

Cefn Mawr pub plays part to help "keep the heart of our village alive"


Leader Live 30th September 2020

Concerns raised as funfair opens in Cefn Mawr during coronavirus pandemic 29th September 2020

Council Planning Officers reject £50m huge ‘low carbon fresh produce’ greenhouses plan


Kenilworth Weekly News 29th September 2020

Fears that nature reserve could be destroyed as HS2 ramps up its felling of trees near Leamington


News from Wales 28th September 2020

Historic Places you Can Visit In Wales During COVID


Leader Live 25th September 2020

Residents of Ffordd Llanerch in Penycae, still waiting on Welsh Water to clear up human waste sewage following flooding on August 12 23rd September 2020

Wrexham walker finishes epic 640-mile Three Peaks walk in aid of children’s hospice


Rail Freight 21st September 2020

UK ends franchising passenger traffic, what does it mean for freight?


The Guardian 18th September 2020

Skipton's 1.2% 'best-buy' savings account sells out in three days


News & Star 16th September 2020

Climate change: Carlisle activist is raising awareness on environmental issues


The leader 15th September 2020

Waste management company plants 10,000 wildflower seeds on a closed landfill near Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


Newbury Today 14th September 2020

West Berkshire councillor 'willing to be imprisoned' as he continues fight against HS2


Times 14th September 2020        

HS2 threatens the environment and should be scrapped. HS2 itself claims, in violation of the legally binding Paris agreement on climate change, that it will not be carbon neutral before 2140. By some estimates ...


The Courier 12th September 2020

READERS’ LETTERS: Scrap HS2 for Scottish rail infrastructure


Kenilworth Weekly News 11th September 2020

Help Stop HS2 group to lead walk in Cubbington with focus on renewal after destruction of high-speed rail project


Conservative Woman 11th September 2020

187 years down the line, is HS2 worth it?


The Leader 9th September 2020

Clwyd South MP welcomes daily reopening of the Trevor Basin Visitor Centre


Leader Live 8th September 2020

Plans can continue on former Air Products site without affordable housing, despite councillors objections


Leader Live 7th September 2020

106-year-old Gwen ticks 'dream' trip on the Llangollen Wharf off her bucket list


The Sun 5th September 2020

LIVERPOOL whizkid Neco Williams revealed he snubbed advances from England — as he gears up to make his first start for Wales.


Planning Resource 5th September 2020

Government's planning reforms 'like demolishing the whole house to mend the roof'


Business Live 5th September 2020

Developer behind £50m Wrexham greenhouses proposal told hopes of rapid planning approval 'unrealistic'


Small 4th September 2020

Banks ‘will be pushed’ into closing down SMEs unable to repay Covid debt


Channel 4 News 4th September 2020

HS2: Construction starts on rail project as protests continue over environmental cost


My London 4th September 2020

Backlash in Boris Johnson's backyard as official HS2 building work begins 4th September 2020

Former Air Products site back on agenda after councillors accused developers of ‘greed’


Leader Live 3rd September 2020

Time running out for greenhouse project


Leader Live 3rd September 2020

Hopes housing scheme will help boost school capacity in Acrefair


Entertainment Overdose 22nd August 2020

End the financial debt chaos – we can’t go on like this, claims JOHN REDWOOD 21st August 2020

Council offices at town centre Crown Buildings set for wholesale refurbishment – don’t always believe the consultants……..


Daily Post 21st August 2020

Rail investment to speed up North Wales train journeys


Bucks Herald 20th August 2020

Concern over 'wildlife trap' HS2 works on Fairford Leys golf club site


Leamington Courier 17th August 2020

Protesters say goodbye to 300-year-old oak tree near Leamington that will soon to be knocked down to make way for HS2


Shropshire Star 17th August 2020

Lodges plans approved for marina near Whitchurch


Shropshire Star 17th August 2020

Delight as tourism returns to Llangollen


Shropshire Star 17th August 2020

Future of Ellesmere Canal Yard under the spotlight 12th August 2020

Minister says Local Development Plans should be kept under review after we ask about predicted -1.5% drop in local population


Leamington Courier 12th August 2020

Planned HS2 works in Burton Green would see ancient oak felled and four months of road closures


Nation Cymru 11th August 2020

The Welsh housing scandal – why the numbers don’t add up


Cornish Times 10th August 2020

Rail upgrade proposal would see passenger branch lines brought back in Cornwall


Bucks Free Press 9th August 2020

TV star campaigner Chris Packham speaks out over 'disappointing' court ruling on HS2


Advertiser & Times 8th August 2020

Packham fights on despite latest HS2 knockback 6th August 2020

Call to pause Local Development Plan for 7,700 new houses in Wrexham after new population projections revealed 5th August 2020

Wrexham’s population set to shrink by -1.5% by 2028 say new projections


The Leader 4th August 2020

Wrexham businesses receive almost £30m in emergency coronavirus support


Construction News 3rd August 2020

TV green campaigner vows to continue HS2 legal battle


Sky News 1st August 2020

Couple lose seven-year fight against HS2 as 17th century home to be demolished


Shropshire Star 31st July 2020

Chris Packham loses bid for legal challenge over HS2 31th July 2020

Future of World Heritage site ‘buffer zone’ called into question over Llangollen Eisteddfod housing development plan


Express & Star 31st July 2020

Court of Appeal to rule on Chris Packham legal challenge


Leader Live 30th July 2020

Llangollen residents oppose plans to build houses next to a World Heritage Site


The Leader Live 29th July 2020

Penycae man to walk from Scotland to Wales for Hope House children's hospice


Politics Home 27th July 2020

HS2’s catalogue of errors like a runaway train


Leader Live 26th July 2020

Cefn Mawr bank could be turned into flats


25th July 2020

Scarecrow competition gets underway in Penycae 24th July 2020

Housing plans for former scrapyard set for refusal despite local support for the “brownfield” development


Construction News 22nd July 2020

HS2 boss’s bonus boosts salary to £660,000 22nd July 2020

Wrexham Council successfully applies for injunction to protect land and woodland areas in Acrefair


The Times 22nd July 2020

HS2 chief’s £660,000 pay package causes ‘deep disquiet’ in Whitehall 20th July 2020

Llangollen International Eisteddfod organisers reveals housing plans for overspill car park 17th July 2020

Apartment plans for former Cefn Mawr bank


Kenilworth Weekly News 16th July 2020

New playgrounds in Cubbington ready in time for easing of restrictions


Business Live 15th July 2020

Wrexham plan for £50m greenhouses submitted - but could be scrapped if not approved in two months


The Leader 14th July 2020

Simon Baynes MP praises volunteers work at Cefn Mawr Community Social Club following visit


Leader Live 14th July 2020

New railings open up access to the Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen


Examiner Live 13th July 2020

Success of HS2 now 'appears to be unachievable' say Infrastructure and Projects Authority


The Telegraph 13th July 2020

HS2 'unachievable' within budget and timeframe, watchdog warns


Leader Live 10th July

Llangollen Eisteddfod premieres Global Peace Message


The Ecologist 9th July 2020

The struggle to stop HS2


Daily Mail 8th July 2020

Chris Packham takes his fight against HS2 high-speed rail scheme to Court of Appeal after bid to stop clearing of ancient woodlands was rejected


Denbighshire Free Press 7th July 2020

Clwyd South MP named vice chair of ll-Party Parliamentary Group for Hospitality and Tourism


MenaFN 7th July 2020

Plane, train, or automobile? The climate impact of transport is surprisingly complicated


Derbyshire Times 7th July 2020

Plans unveiled to restore vital stretch of historic Chesterfield Canal after coronavirus delays


ITV 7th July 2020

Protesters march against 'concrete electrified scar' of HS2 as Chris Packham legal challenge looms


Coventry Live 7th July 2020

HS2 protesters to 'walk for the trees' in attempt to save Cubbington Woods


Border Counties Advertiser 6th July 2020

Ellesmere Wharf plays host to Peter Jones's award for boosting tourism


Leamington Observer 6th July 2020

HS2 campaigners take a stroll in bid to save ancient woodland


Building 6th July 2020

Revealed: How much HS2 paid firms in first three months of this year, £4M per day……and a lot more to come…..


The Guardian 5th July 2020

‘Seeing the trees being ripped down is really hard’: meet a father and son protesting against HS2


Express 4th July 2020

Summer holiday 2020: Unlocking the beauty of Britain's waterways


Boarder Counties Advertiser 2nd July 2020

Clwyd South MP elected as vice-chairman of tourism group


The Railway Hub 1st July 2020

New Trains for Old: From Upminster to Upcycled – Vivarail’s D-Train


Leader Live 1st July 2020

Clwyd South MP elected vice-chair of parliamentary group on hospitality and tourism


Bucks Herald 29th June 2020

The Court of Appeal has decided to hear Chris Packham’s appeal regarding an application for permission for judicial review of the Prime Minister’s decision to proceed with the HS2 railway project.


The Times 28th June 2020

Springwatch presenter Chris Packham wins right to hearing over HS2


Leamington Observer 26th June 2020

More than 50 people turn out for Warwickshire stretch of 125-mile walk opposing HS2


The Express & Star 26th June 2020

The Court of Appeal is set to hear a legal challenge over the Government's decision to proceed with HS2.


Railway News 26th June 2020

HS2 Euston Station Demolition Milestone Reached


New Civil Engineer 22nd June 2020

Appeal lodged against HS2 Euston tunnels ruling


The Conservative Woman 22nd June 2020

Government for the few, not the many


Railway News 21st June 2020

HS2 Railway Project Protested in UK and reported by a robot?


Coventry Telegraph 21st June 2020

Iron Age funeral site uncovered on HS2 route near Solihull


The Gaudian 20th June 2020

Anti-HS2 protesters begin 125-mile walk along proposed route


Leader Live 19th June 2020

Bid to save greenbelt land in Wrexham being cleared "illegally" 19th June 2020

Objections raised as developers of former Wrexham chemical factory site try to drop requirement to fund school places


The Leader Live 18th June 2020

Objections raised as developers of former Air Products site in Wrexham try to drop


The Telegraph and Argus 16th June 2020

BRADFORD District Green Party has questioned the Government's investment in HS2 and instead called for more investment in local travel.


Leader Live 16th June 2020

Wrexham pharmacy founder celebrates landing prestigious fellowship from Royal Pharmaceutical Society


Telegraph 13th June 2020

Minister's HS2 panel failing to keep track of costs, warn MPs


Transport Xtra 12th June 2020

Transport appraisal ‘at odds with decarbonising transport’


Anadolu Agency 9th June 2020

Climate strikes, environmental protests in May 2020


The Sun 8th June 2020

CASH FOR CLANKERS Drivers to be given £6,000 to swap old cars for electric in PM’s plans to re-launch the economy


Blue Planet Society 7th June 2020

18 pilot whales were killed yesterday in the Faroe Islands after a botched attempt at scientific tagging.


Bloomberg 7th June 2020

China Poised to Pull Plans for U.K. Nuclear Plants, we ask why is China building nuclear power plants in the UK anyway? Are we incapable these days? We were once word leaders in this technology along with the USA and the Soviet Union. What has happened?


Horticulture Week 7th June 2020

Anti-HS2 protestors join to protect ancient woodland


The Times 7th June 2020

China threatens to pull plug on new British nuclear plants and HS2 following the debacle about 5G networks, we say (PKC Group) good and let’s find British Companies to build the plants and the 5G network minus HS2.


Oxford Mail 3rd June 2020

Old oak tree to be cut down as protection order is lifted in Kidlington


Bucks Herald 2nd June 2020

Demonstrations took place over the weekend in Wendover and Steeple Claydon as part of a national coordinated effort to highlight concerns about the impact of building HS2 on bat populations.


Leader Live 1st June 2020

Wrexham cancer survivor wins her benefits battle


The Mirror 29th May 2020

HS2 bosses slammed for clearing ancient woodland during wildlife breeding season


Leamington Observer 26th May 2020

Massive HS2 tunnel-boring machines unveiled in Germany where they have been made…. 20th May 2020

Police busy in North Wales with 2500+ cars checked – including three men from Birmingham stopped in Acrefair


Shropshire Star 20th May 2020

Home triathlon raises thousands for Hope House Hospice


Oxford Mail 19th May 2020

West Oxfordshire District Council launches climate change survey while ancient woodland is destroyed by HS2?


Oxford Mail 19th May 2020

Song on YouTube about ancient woodlands in response to HS2


Ham & High 22nd May 2020

HS2 is ‘badly off course’ and public trust is being ‘undermined’, warn MPs


Construction Enquirer 18th May 2020

Spending watchdog demands greater HS2 scrutiny


Express 17th May 2020

HS2 POLL: After shock report, should eye-wateringly expensive rail project be scrapped? 92% of people vote to scrap it.


The Guardian 17th May 2020

HS2’s costs and potential delays are running out of control, warn MPs


Construction News 17th May 2020

HS2 ‘kept MPs in the dark’ about project problems


City AM 17th May 2020

HS2: MPs say controversial rail project 'badly off course'


Strathspey Herald 8th May 2020

From Badenoch to England's threatened woodlands for film maker


Leader Live 8th May 2020

Leader readers say thank you to their key workers... shopping if anybody needs it including neighbours around Cefn Mawr. “They have been caring for four family houses going shopping for everything….


The Telegraph 8th May 2020

Re-opening rail line could boost rail travel into and out of Bradford, REINSTATING a half mile stretch of track between Bradford and Leeds could massively boost rail travel into and out of Bradford.


Buckingham Today 7th May 2020

HS2 caught breaking coronavirus public health guidelines multiple times in Bucks


Express & Star 7th May 2020

HS2 may end up a white elephant. It is difficult to understand why the government is persisting with HS2. The cost of that project will exceed all projections and that is the last thing that should shackle the economy given the uncertain future.


Nottingham Post 6th May 2020

Leaders in row over plans to reopen Maid Marian Line, "The people I speak to have very little interest in using HS2 but do want better local railways, my proposal solves this problem and keeps the connection to Toton.


The Times 4th May 2020

At an average 16mph, trains in the north travel at horse-and-cart pace on East / West routes


The Catholic Universe 3rd May 2020

Wrong to label climate change campaigners as ‘extremists’


By Line Times 29th April 2020

Felling Ancient Woodland During Bird Breeding Season

We have the Coronavirus Lockdown and are in the middle of the bird nesting season and yet this slaughter of our countryside and wildlife continues. How can this be or do the laws of our land mean nothing if you have enough money to waste as in HS2? Is this essential work?


Leader Live 27th April 2020

Residents in Chirk Bank urge public to maintain coronavirus travelling restrictions

Whitchurch Herald 26th April 2020

Next to that is a photograph by Graham King, who caught a very tranquil Llangollen Canal between Whitchurch and Grindley Brook, and it's a beauty ..


The Telegraph 28th of April 2020

Victorian railway architecture is a British jewel – but will the HS2 planners care?


Mix 96 27th April 2020

Anger as deer dies trapped behind Aylesbury HS2 fencing


Farming UK 23rd April 2020

United Utilities offers farmers free hire of weed wipers in the Dee Valley


Gazette 21st April 2020

Britons turn to canal paths for their daily exercise, charity finds


Birmingham Mail 17th April 2020

Solihull group refuses HS2 'blood money' after accusing rail project of flouting Covid-19 rules


Bucks Herald 17th April 2020

Buckinghamshire Council has reacted with dismay to news that the government has given the go ahead for HS2 to carry on despite the current national crisis, or considering the economic recovery plan that will have to be put in place to enable the country to get back on its feet, following the coronavirus pandemic.


Leeds Live 17th April 2020

Work on HS2 set to begin in 'shamelessly opportunistic' move, HS2 Minister Andrew Stephenson said tackling the coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed 13,729 lives so far, is the government's "top priority" but it cannot delay work on Europe's largest infrastructure project.


Bucks Free Press 17th April 2020

Bucks MPs react to HS2 go-ahead amid coronavirus crisis, Rapid developments and the uncertain outcome of the Covid-19 outbreak mean it has not been possible within the FBC to undertake specific analysis to determine the outbreak’s potential longer-term impacts to transport passenger demand.


The Guardian 17th April 2020

HS2 was always a white elephant. To launch it now is a disgrace


The Telegraph 17th April 2020

Captain Tom Moore: WW2 veteran who raised millions for the NHS


The Times 16th April 2020

Building work to begin on HS2 but ministers say it’s poor value


BBC 15th April 2020

HS2 construction gets green light despite lockdown, but just try reading the 900+ comments against in just 24 hours of the article appearing…..


Advertiser and Times 14th April 2020

Chris Packham considers appeal after HS2 halt bid refused, “As a result of this decision some of the most beautiful organisms we have living in the UK will be gone forever as HS2 Ltd moves in with its chainsaws ...


Daily Post 13th April 2020

Pictures show deserted North Wales as people heed bank holiday lockdown warnings


Oxford Mail 13th April 2020

Chris Packham to appeal HS2 decision


Daily Post 12th April 2020

The totally bizarre Tripadvisor reviews of 'too high' Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


Yorkshire Post 11th April 2020

Why Government should cancel HS2 and channel money into NHS


The Guardian 11th April 2020

Chris Packham vows to continue HS2 legal battle. Broadcaster says ‘resilience is key’ after high court rejected case last week


The Leader Live 11th April 2020

A.N. Richards Ltd loans delivery van to support NHS Wales 

Camden Journal 11th April 2020

HS2 works to start again despite fears for construction workers. Lawyers questions whether railway project's employees are 'key-workers'?


Camden Journal 10th April 2020

HS2 have not shut up shop and are going to be working 24 a day in small villages felling ancient woodland and clearing the way with heavy plant machinery.


Chronicle Live 9th April 2020

Why the Northern Powerhouse must include towns and rural areas


Bucks Free Press 8th April 2020

The Chiltern Society say HS2 work should stop during the Covid-19 outbreak, we ask with the UK in Lock down and viable businesses closed how can this enormous waste of money be allowed to go ahead….


Bucks Herald 8th April 2020

Chiltern Society write to the government calling for a halt to HS2 works during Coronavirus pandemic


Rail News 7th April 2020

The architects of privatisation in the 1990s wanted railways to be as loosely restrained as possible. Their mantra was ‘the market will provide’. In the first of a new series of essays, Sim Harris argues that the problem is that the market only provides when it can see a profit.


Planning Resource 7th April 2020

Reports that construction activity across Britain "fell at its fastest rate on record" last month feature in today's newspaper round-up.


Handy Shipping Guide 7th April 2020

Rail Freight Expert Writes to PM to Claim HS2 is 'Vanity Project'


Express and Star 7th April 2020

HS2 woodland decimation in Staffordshire to go ahead after legal bid fails


The West Morland Gazette 7th April 2020

Extinction Rebellion pushing against HS2 online during lockdown


Leamington Courier 6th April 2020

How a 200-year-old pear tree in Cubbington that will soon be lost to HS2 will live on in another nearby village


The Canary 6th April 2020

Matt Hancock’s silence on a taxpayer bailout of Richard Branson is deafening


Express & Star 6th April 2020

HS2 wood felling to go ahead in Staffordshire as legal bid fails


Construction News 6th April 2020

HS2 green legal challenge dismissed


Bucks Herald 6th April 2020

Chris Packham's bid to stop HS2 woodland work is thrown out by High Court, and HS” is given licence to destroy our ancient woodland whilst the country is told to stay at home because of the coronavirus, what is going on…….


BBC 6th April 2020

Coronavirus: Domestic abuse calls up 25% since lockdown, charity says


Horticultural Week 5th April 2020

HS2 free to cut down ancient woodlands after High Court dismissal of Chris Packham legal challenge, this makes a mockery of Biodiversity and the Climate Emergency.


The Guardian 3rd April 2020

HS2 wood clearance to go ahead as Chris Packham legal bid fails and ancient woodland clearance continues despite the Coronavirus and the Climate Emergency……….


BBC 3rd April 2020

Coronavirus will transform UK work and travel, says AA


Bucks Free Press 2nd April 2020

Chris Packham files HS2 legal challenge


Yorkshire Post 30th March 2020

Dump HS2 and invest in specialist care staff – why we can’t afford not to


The Express & Star 30th March 2020

Scrap HS2 to save our economy, Sir Bill says


Telegraph 29th March 2020

Construction in dire straits as more sites are mothballed. Industry insiders warn that an alarming proportion of construction firms risk going under in a coronavirus-triggered recession


Daily Post 27th March 2020

The British Red Cross are looking for North Wales volunteers during the coronavirus crisis - sign up. From Aberdaron in Gwynedd to Acrefair in Wrexham and beyond, people across Wales and the UK are showing kindness by coming together to give whatever help they can to those left most vulnerable by the global pandemic.


The Leader 27th March 2020

Wrexham dog trainer celebrates win and world's biggest dog show


The Leader Live 24th March 2020

The George Edwards Hall in Cefn Mawr closed due to the coronavirus outbreak


The Guardian 24th March 2020

Hinkley Point C work to carry on but HS2 could be paused. Major infrastructure projects highlight varying approaches to the coronavirus outbreak.


The Guardian 23rd March 2020

Covid-19: government suspends rail franchise agreements


Yorkshire Post 21st March 2020

Man's fight to stop HS2 destroying ancient woodland where he will be buried


Leader Live 20th March 2020

NORTH WALES were kings of the ring in Manchester as they came out on top against what the North West had to offer.


The Telegraph posted on the 19-03-20 & reported to be regularly updated



The Telegraph 19th March 2020

Coronavirus symptoms: how quickly do they show and what to look out for


Railway News 14th March 2020

World's Oldest Railway Revolving Bridge


The Planner Jobs 11th March 2020

Head of Service - Planning Policy WCBC – closing date 12th April 2020 - £50K a year.


Leader Live 10th March 2020

Matt Fleet and friend, Gavin Roberts, decided to come to the cat's aid on March 8, after realising that it had been left up on the roof of Plas Offa Farm, which is just off the A5 between Whitehurst and Froncysyllte, since Thursday, March 5.


Leamington Observer 9th March 2020

A COURT date has been set to move HS2 protestors from camps across Warwickshire.


Construction News 9th March 2020

Bonus for HS2 boss slammed - A £46,000 bonus paid to HS2 chief executive Mark Thurston is “not justified” according to project critic Lord Berkeley. 9th March 2020

Clwyd South AM and police to offer “one-stop shop” for surgeries for residents, at the GEH on the 24th of April between 1530 and 1730…….


The Telegraph 7th March 2020

HS2 boss defends £46k bonus linked to control of project's budget. The HS2 chief executive's £46,000 bonus was linked to "control" of the high-speed line's spiralling finances, it has emerged, despite the scheme's estimated cost almost doubling to more than £100 billion. Mark Thurston, the highest-earning government official, received the payment on top of his £605,350 salary last year.


The Telegraph 6th March 2020

RSPB urges residents to call police if they see HS2 workers harm wildlife 6th March 2020

Wrexham man to trek between Scotland and Penycae in aid of children’s hospice


Boarder Counties Advertiser 6th March 2020

Underwater police team deployed in search for missing man Michael Chaplin


Country Times 5th March 2020

Welshpool man's British Heart Foundation walk marks year since open heart surgery ... back to the glory days of our great canals. It is 35 miles long, starting in Newtown and finishing at Welsh Frankton, where it joins the Llangollen canal ...


Business News Wales 4th March 2020

New Vice-President of the Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust says a canal is a cross-border project and can bring benefits to the whole corridor from Newtown to the junction with the Llangollen Canal near Ellesmere. 4th March 2020

Famous Knife Angel sculpture to be displayed in Wrexham town centre in July


The Leader 3rd March 2020

Ambitious plan for viewing platform at Llangollen's historic bridge to tackle traffic flow


The Leader 3rd March 2020

Ambitious plan for viewing platform at Llangollen's historic bridge to tackle traffic flow


BBC 3rd March 2020

HS2: Chris Packham launches legal challenge to rail link 3rd March 2020

Councillors approve plans to demolish old police station to make way for new supermarket and drive-thru coffee shop


Leader Live 2nd March 2020

Building work unveils hidden treasure in Llangollen


Telegraph 29th February 2020

HS2 conservation measures could be sacrificed to cut costs in new review


My 28th February 2020

MP wants to open canal to Newtown


Leader Live 26th February 2020

Disappointment after Wales and border stations including Ruabon miss out on cash


Shropshire Star 27th of February 2020

The Friends of the Montgomery Canal will hold their annual meeting at Berriew Village Hall, near Welshpool, at 3pm on Saturday . 26th February 2020

HS2 has handed out at least two ‘golden handshakes’ worth more than £200,000, despite Government ministers vowing to cap publicly-funded handouts at £95,000.


The Leader 25th February 2020

The 10th annual Llangollen Canal Walk in aid of Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith will be taking place on March 8.


Denbighshire Free Press 24th of February 2020

Former pupils will be at funeral of teacher who was pioneer of Welsh language education 22nd of February 2020

Wrexham ‘Young Voices’ take to the stage at Manchester Arena, classes from both Ysgol Deiniol in Marchwiel and Ysgol Acrefair performed in the ‘Young Voices’ concerts.


Shropshire Star 22nd of February 2020

Marina open day in Shropshire


Shropshire Star 21st of February 2020    

Concerns growing for Whitchurch man missing for nearly a week. Michael Chaplin was last seen in the vicinity of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. He is described as a 5ft 7ins-tall white male, of slim build with short brown hair.


Bucks Free Press 21st of February 2020

Local railway historian offers alternative HS2 route on railway line closed in the 1960s


Wakefield Express 21st February 2020

Work has begun on a multi-million-pound upgrade at Castleford Railway Station, which will see the site become a ‘gateway’ to the town.


New Civil Engineer 21st February 2020

Anti-HS2 MP welcomes ‘promising’ review of northern section 19th of February 2020

Council ask for your thoughts on six proposed priorities for the next three years


Market Rasen 19th of February 2020

Sir Edward slams plans for HS2 as cost soars to £100bn


Leader Live 17th of February 2020

Search launched to find missing man last believed to be near Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


Horse & Hound 17th February 2020

Fight continues against ‘mad’ High Speed Two rail link


Daily Post 17th Of February 2019

Major search launched for missing man whose car was left near aqueduct


Daily Express 17th of February 2020

ANDREW MARR (BBC Reporter) hit out at Boris Johnson's decision to go ahead with the "out of control" HS2 railway project, stunning Transport Secretary Grant Shapps by branding it a "grotesque waste of public money"  


Sunday Express 16th February 2020

HS2 has been given the green light by Boris Johnson despite the estimated £106billion price-tag, and the bill is set to cost each taxpayer in Britain a huge £3,376, according to calculations by the TaxPayers' Alliance.


Northwhich Guardian 16th February 2020

Shapps plays down Chinese rescue of troubled HS2 rail link


The Telegraph 16th February 2020

'All this will be destroyed by HS2'


Farming UK 16th February 2020

The government has been urged the deliver fairness to farmers and landowners after Boris Johnson announced that the HS2 high-speed rail link will be built.


Daily Express 16th February 2020

HS2 warning: Extinction Rebellion warns it will take action to stop £100bn project


The Telegraph 15th February 2020

Britain’s greatest white elephant, HS2, was always a dud railway. It has grazed for 10 years on the Treasury lawn, and has now has been told it can stay, more dud than ever.


Yahoo News 15th February 2020

Lawmaker questions China's offer to build UK high speed rail. Allowing China's state-run rail construction company to build a high-speed rail line linking London with central and northern England would be an “extremely questionable" decision, a prominent British lawmaker said Saturday.


The Telegraph 15th February 2020

HS2 'backtracks' on pledges to protect environment - National Trust expresses alarm at 'worrying signs' HS2 is planning to renege on commitments


Daily Gazette 15th of February 2020

The cost to Britain’s sovereignty could be “higher than we ever imagined” if Beijing’s state-owned railway builder is given a role in constructing the troubled HS2 high-speed link, a Tory MP said.


Wigan Today 13th of February 2020

A borough MP has welcomed a “strong indication” that part of the controversial HS2 railway, which would run through his constituency, will be scrapped.


Leader Live 12th of February 2020

Wrexham councillors support ‘Stori Brymbo’ heritage site project


The Express & Star 12th of February 2020

Is it the end of the line for opponents of HS2?


Surfbirds 12th of February 2020

Thousands ask Prime Minister to stop and re-think HS2


BBC Wales 12th of February 2020

HS2: Wales should get £5bn from rail scheme spending, says minister


Nation Cymru 12th February 2020

Wales is paying for HS2 but it will harm our economy – we must receive the £5 billion we are owed


The Guardian 11th February 2020

HS2 to go ahead, Boris Johnson tells MPs


BBC 11th February 2020

HS2 go-ahead controversial and difficult, admits Boris Johnson


The Guardian 11th February 2020

'What right have we to destroy our natural environment?' HS2 opponents speak out


BBC 11th February 2020

Between Coventry and Kenilworth lies Burton Green, a small village home to 640 people where you would be hard-pressed to find a supporter of high-speed rail. Residents have been fighting the project - which will split the village in half - for the past 10 years. As the government confirms the controversial rail link will go ahead, residents living in the village and beyond react to the news.


Express & Star 11th February 2020

HS2 cancellation costs 'grossly inflated', expert claims


The Conversation 10th February 2020

HS2 debate shows how evidence is ignored in favour of politics


Leamington Courier 9th February 2020

Stop HS2 campaigners to hold peaceful protest walk at Cubbington Wood 7th of February 2020

Plans to turn former Brymbo steelworks site into major tourist attraction begin to gather pace


The Planner 7th February 2020

Wrexham County Borough Council is embroiled in an escalating row with the Planning Inspectorate over key elements of its latest local development plan (LDP).


The Express 7th February 2020

HS2: Use Beeching lines to backtrack on doomed railway, says FREDERICK FORSYTH


The Leader 6th February 2020

Frustration at lack of progress over new surgery in Cefn Mawr


Whitchurch Herald 6th February 2020

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Cheshire Wildlife Trust has joined with five of her peers to deliver a letter asking Prime Minister Boris Johnson to re-think HS2.  


Birmingham Mail 6th February 2020

Apology after families not told relatives would be reburied during HS2 work


Boarder Counties Advertiser 5th February 2020

A SHROPSHIRE group of volunteers, which provides accessible narrowboat holidays for disabled people, has received funding from a housebuilder to resurface a canal footpath, for wheelchair users.


Infosurhoy 5th February 2020

HS2 decision delayed as Government is warned the full cost could reach £150 BILLION


Birmingham Mail 5th February 2020

HS2 company branded 'chronically inefficient and institutionally callous'


Building 5th February 2020

People from the Midlands and the North are the least supportive of pushing ahead with HS2, a recent survey has revealed.


Construction News 5th February 2020

HS2 review deputy claims alternatives will save £128bn


Mix 96 5th February 2020

Taxpayers Alliance say HS2 could cost £150 billion


The Ecologist 5th February 2020

HS2 risks 'devastating environmental damage'


Bloomberg 4th February 2020

Technology & Ideas. The World's Most Expensive Railway is in a Hole. HS2 isn’t necessarily a terrible idea, but it’s been badly run, is wildly overpriced and skewed toward the wealthy south of England.


Horticulture Week 4th February 2020

Letter to Prime Minister warns of environmental impact of HS2


The Guardian 3rd February 2020

At £307m per mile of track, can the cost of HS2 be justified?


About Manchester 3rd February 2020

Waterway to holiday. Narrowboat hirers overwhelmingly recommend boating holidays on Britain’s beautiful inland waterway


The Guardian 3rd February 2020

Fast, cheap transport should be a right across the UK. HS2 won’t help. High-speed rail isn’t going to improve mobility in the country’s many neglected areas – but more imaginative solutions could.


Powys County Times 31st January 2020

Push for 'Growth Deal' funds to restore Montgomery Canal


Leader Live 31st January 2020

Cefn Mawr man trekking 100km across Sahara desert in aid of military charity


Leader Live 30th January 2020

Welsh Government minister backs housing numbers in Wrexham’s development blueprint


Nation Cymru 29th January 2020

Today’s Senedd roundup: £90 million package to support town centre regeneration


The Sun 29th January 2020

OFF THE RAILS Costs of building HS2 spiralled to £106bn because transport chiefs wanted to make the trains too FAST


Leader Live 28th January 2020

A CARPET of Snowdrops, thought to date from the 13th Century, is beginning to appear in the churchyard of Llantysilio in time for the church’s annual Snowdrop service, next month.


New Civil Engineer 28th January 2020

HS2 boss tops government’s ‘high earners list’


The Planner 27th January 2020

The Department for Transport (DfT), HS2 Ltd and the wider government underestimated the complexity and risk of the HS2 railway project, which has led it to be over budget and behind schedule.  


Infrastructure Intelligence 27th January 2020

National Audit Office slams basic failings for HS2 being over budget and behind schedule


Ham & High 27th January 2020

National Audit Office: HS2 over budget and behind schedule because it was 'underestimated'


Investors Chronicle 27th January 2020

National Audit Office says final cost of HS2 unknown


Shropshire Star 27th January 2020

Powys councillors support growth deal bid for canal restoration


Sky News 27th January 2020

Whistleblowers say public have been 'deceived' over cost of HS2


Yorkshire Post 26th January 2020

HS2 was a waste of money when it was going to cost £50bn - now it is twice as bad: Yorkshire Post Letters


The Telegraph 26th January 2020

The economic case for HS2, if there ever was one, is long since dead 24th January 2020

North Wales slate landscape nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status


The Telegraph 25th January 2020

The folly of HS2 is a modern telling of the Seven Deadly Sins


Yahoo News 25th January 2020

The UK government underestimated the complexity of Britain’s planned high-speed rail line, according to a highly critical watchdog report. The government’s handling of the troubled infrastructure project, which is running late and over budget, comes under fire in a new report by the National Audit Office (NAO).


Independent 25th January 2020

How many spin agencies does it take to sell a high-speed railway? The answer is 17. Relative to the cost of HS2 – currently £106bn – the advisers are cheap. However, Chris Blackhurst can’t help but imagine how much hot air is in the room every time they meet.


The Spectator 24th January 2019

HS2 is becoming increasingly difficult to justify


Channel 4 News 24th January 2020

HS2 risks under-estimated, says watchdog


Transportxtra 24th January 2020

NAO criticises DfT for HS2 management


Morning Star 24th January 2020

We need certainty surrounding HS2, say unions


Nottingham Post 24th January 2020

HS2 billions over budget, years behind schedule, and likely to cost more than £100 billion report finds


ITV 24th January 2020

Slate mining landscape of Wales nominated for Unesco World Heritage Site status


BBC 24th January 2020

Rolls-Royce plans mini nuclear reactors by 2029


Daily Mail 24th January 2020

Boss of delayed and over-budget HS2 project rakes in colossal salary of £625,000... four times higher than Boris Johnson's


Country File 24th January 2020

Questions raised over HS2’s damaging impact on nature


ITV News 24th January 2020

New fears over where HS2 is going. The UK is building a railway which is heading to fantasy land. The taxpayer is funding this journey, which has already cost more than £7 billion. 24th January 2020

£60m plan to grow tourism industry in Wales unveiled


The Sun 24th January 2020

It’s not the billions we have wasted on HS2 that matters – it’s the billions we are about to waste


Leamington Observer 24th January 2020

HS2 over budget and behind schedule says National Audit Office report


New Civil Engineer 22nd January 2020

HS2 staff on notice and consultants workloads slashed


BBC 21st January 2020

Just how blow-out is the HS2 budget?


The Guardian 21st January 2020

The mounting cost of HS2 is financial and environmental


The Parliamentary Review 21st January 2020

Secretary for transport, Grant Shapps, has demanded more information regarding plans for HS2, following estimates of the cost of the project rising to £106 billion.


Planning Resource 21st January 2020

HS2 staff 'warned of job cuts as uncertainty over future of project grows'


Shropshire Star 21st January 2020

Flood worries amid plans for new homes in Ellesmere


ITV News 20th January 2020

HS2 to make "a couple of hundred" redundancies


The Guardian 20th January 2020

HS2 costs could rise to £106bn or more, warns government review


Express 20th January 2020

HS2 WARNING: Taxpayers could face £106billion cost - furious Britons demand Boris ‘bin it’


BBC 20th January 2020

The transport secretary has asked for more data before making a "massive decision" on HS2 as it emerged the new high-speed rail link could cost £106bn.


Stourbridge News 20th January 2020

Petrol and diesel car ban planned to beat climate change


Financial Times 19th January 2020

The cost of Britain's new HS2 high-speed rail project could rise to as much as £106bn, according to an official government review which gives only …


The Canary 19th January 2020

Good News from the Canary, Hundreds of protesters step in to stop HS2 tree felling


The Telegraph 18th January 2020

Boris Johnson must have courage to cut losses on HS2, say ex-head of civil service and retail tycoon


New Civil Engineer 17th January 2020

HS2 | Legal case progresses against ‘catastrophic’ Euston tunnels


Financial Times 17th January 2020

Critical Whitehall review puts HS2 rail link under scrutiny


Bucks Herald 17th January 2020

A homeowner has been granted permission by the High Court to bring legal proceedings against HS2 Ltd for its ‘Three Tunnels’ design into Euston station, claiming that it will endanger the lives and properties of residents nearby.


The Times 17th January 2020

Audit office to criticise HS2 delays and costs


I AM Birmingham 17th January 2020

Fire tears through iconic UB40 Eagle and Tun pub in Digbeth


Birmingham Mail 17th January 2020

Eagle and Tun pub fire breaks out in Digbeth with one person rushed to hospital, Landlord said bosses at HS2 contacted him to confirm the pub would be demolished as part of a compulsory purchase order. He said: "It was a huge shock ..


Whitchurch Herald 17th January 2020

Malpas-based Cheshire Wildlife Trust has called on the government to abandon HS2 in its current form and take on a 'greener' approach to the rail network, in a report published this week.


Planning Resource 16th January 2020

HS2 supporters 'growing increasingly anxious over future of scheme'


BBC 16th January 2020

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct canal boat operator Peter Jones retires


Shropshire Star 15th January 2020

Emergency council meeting called as Kronospan fire in Chirk enters third day, Smoke continues to spread across Chirk and surrounding villages including Ruabon, Acrefair, Cefn Mawr and Pentre. No one has been injured in the ...


Metro 15th January 2020

HS2 ‘will damage 108 woodlands causing some species to go extinct’


The Ecologist 15th January 2020

HS2 will destroy 'huge swathes' of woodland


Wales 247 15th January 2020

Hundreds Of Businesses Supported By Wrexham Coworking Space


Morning Star 15th January 2020

XR calls for reinforcements to protect trees from HS2


Channel 4 News 15th January 2020

‘Projects of this scale are having a global impact’ – Chris Packham on HS2


PBC Today 15th January 2020

New report shows how HS2 impacts wildlife, environment and nature


Left Foot Forward 15th January 2020

Extinction Rebellion and StopHS2 join forces to save trees


Ends report 15th January 2020

Could HS2 be derailed?: 7 things you need to know


Yahoo News 15th January 2020

Shocking pictures reveal ‘disgusting’ conditions inside Hermes depot where workers ‘feel like slaves’


Yahoo News 15th January 2020

HS2 :'Just give us the facts'


Construction News 15th January 2020

HS2 review deputy: I could not obtain costs breakdown


The Guardian 15th January 2020

HS2 will destroy or damage hundreds of UK wildlife sites, says report


Daily Mail 15th January 2020

More than 1,000 ancient woodlands in the UK are at risk of being WIPED OUT by housing projects and new infrastructure development and HS2 leads the way, charity warns


BBC 15th January 2020

HS2 could threaten irreplaceable natural habitats, report warns


BBC 15th January 2020

HS2 protesters enter fourth month in Cubbington Wood


The Times 15th January 2020

Housebuilders ‘threaten 1,000 ancient woodlands’, with HS2 the biggest Offender says Woodland Trust


I News 15th January 2020

The cost of HS2 to nature is too high a price to pay, claims report by The Wildlife Trusts


News Shopper 15th January 2020

Wildlife Trusts claims HS2 will destroy ‘huge swathes’ of natural habitat


New Civil Engineer 14th January 2020

HS2 ‘go/ no-go decision’ expected next month


I News 14th January 2020

Number of ancient woodlands under threat from developers tops thousand — here's the worst affected areas and HS2 the worst offender….


Derbyshire Times 14th January 2020

Plans unveiled to restore 'vital' stretch of Chesterfield Canal


Architects Journal 14th January 2020

Decision on HS2’s future expected next month


Shropshire Star 14th January 2020

Firefighters spend 12 hours battling Kronospan factory blaze in Chirk 13th January 2020

Health Board advises visitors to hospital to “factor in potential traffic congestion” – we ask AM & MP about the issue


Leader Live 13th January 2020

Civic leaders set out eight-point plan to drive investment into Wrexham


Construction News 14th January 2019

HS2 apologises for chainsaw blunder in nature reserve


Daily Mail 13th January 2020

Spanning the length and breadth of Britain, rivers and canals unite the nation – and as these stunning photographs show, they are often the star attraction


Mix 96 13th January 2020

Aylesbury's MP has been raising questions about HS2 again, this time with the Chancellor.


Telegraph 12th January 2020

HS2 'too costly and too disruptive', say London's business leaders


City AM 12th January 2020

Three-quarters of London businesses think HS2 is too expensive


Leader Live 11th January 2020

Economy minister marks milestone for Wrexham's Enterprise Hub


Bird Guides 11th January 2020

HS2 destroys habitat on Berkshire reserve without permission


Leader Live 11th January 2020

Major concerns raised over key housing blueprint for Wrexham


ENR – Engineering News Record 10th January 2020

In UK, Crossrail and HS2 Projects Struggle With Schedule and Budget Issues


TransportXtra 10th January 2020

Axe HS2 and upgrade existing lines instead, says Berkeley


The Guardian 10th January 2020

HS2 destroyed trees in way of train line without permission


The Telegraph 9th January 2020

The fascinating stories behind Britain's forgotten theme parks


Ends Report 9th January 2020

Has the HS2 review avoided counting the green costs?


Camden New Journal 9th January 2020

War hero forced out of home by HS2 demolition work dies at 93


Keighly News 9th January 2020

District MP in renewed call to scrap HS2 rail scheme


Lancashire Post 9th January 2020

Limited funds should go towards other projects rather than HS2


Infosurhoy 8th January 2020

HS2 bosses accused of `fiddling the figures´ by review…


Warrington Worldwide 8th January 2020

Government must ‘come clean’ over HS2 costs


Boarder Counties Advertiser 7th January 2020

Pontcysyllte tour business puts boats up for sale


The Standard 7th January 2020

How much has been spent on the HS2 so far and what is the proposed train route? The cost of HS2 has come under fire again after the deputy chairman of the now-defunct review panel criticised the project for being "completely out of control financially".


The Railway Hub 6th January 2020

West Coast looks forward with Avanti


Daily Post 6th January 2020         

Joiner's Universal Credit heartbreak after being forced to sell work van and tools after falling ill. The family of six live on the Plas Madoc Estate, Acrefair, Wrexham. They are among the 2,164 couples with children relying on the benefit in North ...


Northern Echo 6th January 2020

Transport secretary promises ‘year of action’ on railways. Today's visit comes amid renewed focus on the cost of HS2, as the deputy chairman of its review panel said those in charge of the project have been ...


Western Telegraph 5th January 2020

Parliament ‘misled’ over HS2 – review panel deputy chairman


Coventry Telegraph 5th January 2020

HS2 'will cost £108bn' according to report saying Parliament was misled


Telegraph 5th January 2020

Time to bite the bullet, cancel HS2, and wholly back Northern Crossrail


BBC 5th January 2020

HS2 costs out of control, says review's deputy chair


The Times 5th January 2020

HS2 ‘cheating’ to get green signal


Sky News 5th January 2020

Parliament was 'misled' over true cost of HS2, and could spiral to £107bn Lord claims


Birmingham Mail 4th January 2020

It's tears for beers as doomed historic Eagle and Tun pub serves last orders


Yorkshire Post 2nd January 2020

West Yorkshire needs a public transport revolution and the green light for Northern Powerhouse Rail is good news….

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