Dear Reader, you will note that a lot of the articles in this news column are about the realities of what the HS2 rail program will cause or is causing. The PKC Group believe as many other groups do across the UK that a more efficient and better rail service would be acomplished by upgrading and reopening our existing regional railways. Our own line could aleviate consdierable trafffic from the West Coast Main Line for a fraction of the cost and make services that we can use, such as the former Wrexham & Shropshire commercially viable. Please also see our HS2 page.


Furthermore, the tax burden that our community will face for HS2 is the equivalent of what a Railway sation in Cefn Mawr would cost, that most of us would use. So this is an ideal example of what we say and why H2S is no good for most of the people of the UK. 28th April 2017

Two New Railway Stations Planned for Wrexham as Part of Welsh Government Rail Infrastructure Improvements


BBC News 27th April 2017

New railway station plans for Wales chosen for scrutiny


Daily Post 27th April 2017

Plans for four new North Wales railway stations take 'significant step forward'


The Leader 27th April 2017

Ambitious plans for three new train stations at Wrexham and Deeside


The Leader Live 26th April 2017

Penycae man battled through blistering heat of desert for seven days


Daily Post 24th April 2017

Wrexham AFC chiefs join outpouring of grief for disabled footballer who lost his life in Dee tragedy


Daily Post 23rd April 2017

Tributes have been paid to Rick Williams, 31, who died after getting into difficulty in the River Dee at Ty Mawr Country Park


The Sun 23rd April 2017

FAST RAIL AXE FOR BREXIT Tory MPs want to put halt to £100billion HS2 high-speed rail network to save money for Brexit 7th April 2017

Labour Launch Wrexham Manifesto


Horticultural Week 6th April 2017

More ancient woodland threatened by second phase of HS2, says Woodland Trust


Daily Post 5th April 2017

Wrexham to Chester railway line upgrade finally complete after major delays


The Daily Mail 4th April 2017

HS2 bosses are accused of squandering taxpayers' money after it is revealed they have 17 PR firms on their payroll


The Telegraph 1st April 2017

HS2 contracts set for scrutiny as scale of links with contractor revealed


Wakefield Express 31st March 2017

Counting the Cost, High speed rail bosses have been spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money on public events to promote the controversial HS2 scheme.


Mix 96 31st March 2017

Chesham and Amersham's MP has called for a full inquiry, after an HS2 contractor pulled out of the scheme.


The Sun 30th March 2017

OFF THE RAILS HS2 plunged into chaos as its top boss walks out and furious MPs demand an inquiry into the £55bn project


The Sun 29th March 2017

'COSY LITTLE RELATIONSHIP' Engineering firm QUITS £170m HS2 contract to develop high-speed rail line in furore over conflicts of interest


Daily Post 29th March 2017

17-stone Greggs worker used to eat all this in a day...but she hit the gym and now lifts TWICE her old body weight


Place North West 28th March 2017

Time is right for Mid Cheshire line to reopen, say rail campaigners 24th March 2017

Firefighters Tackle Large Blaze at ‘Disused Gym’ in Acrefair


CRT 24th March 2017

Brian and Jane, Life of a Black Smith on the Llangollen Canal


Daily Post 24th March 2017

Firefighters tackled a building fire for more than two hours on Llangollen Road in Acrefair 14th March 2017

Residents Call For Crackdown on Parking Issues on Estate Amid Safety Concerns


BBC News 8th March 2017

'Rat issues' at unfinished Cefn Mawr housing scheme


Daily Post 3rd March 2017

Bid for 12,000 Wrexham houses should be scrapped say Plaid who claim population IS NOT increasing


The Leader 1st March 2017

Plans for 232 new homes in Wrexham are tipped for approval


Daily Post 28th February 2017

Homes plan for former Wrexham factory which shut with loss of 200 jobs 24th February 2017

Widespread Power Cut Across Parts of Wrexham


Lancashire Post 24th February 2017

Rail boss says travel across the north is as important as north to south


Evening Standard 21st February 2017

Labour MP Sir Keir Starmer warns HS2 work will 'devastate' the lives of Londoners for 17 years


BBT 20th February 2017

Taxpayers’ Alliance: HS2 bill could hit £90bn


City AM 20th February 2017

Why HS2 could be a train wreck for Euston station


BBC 20th February 2017

Environmentalists and libertarians unite in HS2 criticism


City AM 20th February 2017

The HS2 cost for taxpayers could top £90bn, warns the TaxPayers' Alliance


News North Wales 18th February 2017

Work begins on £500,000 refurb for Wrexham's Plas Madoc Leisure Centre


The Leader Live 16th February 2017

Work starts on £3million extension to Penycae Primary School


Growth Track 360 18th February 2017

Growth Track 360 prime minister backs £1 billion rail vision to create 70,000 jobs


The Telegraph 12th February 2017

Letters: Britain can improve its railways without scarring the countryside


The Telegraph 12th February 2017

HS2 is monumentally wasteful, outdated, and will do nothing for the North – it must be scrapped


Middlewich Guardian 12th February 2017

Canal volunteers fear HS2 changes could impact 'tranquility' of area


The Leader Live 9th February 2017

New book reveals the true story of engineering 'iron man' Thomas Telford


The Telegraph 5th February 2017

Letters: The folly of splurging on HS2 at the expense of existing low-cost lines


The Telegraph 4th February 2017

Man who ran George Osborne’s Treasury comes out against High Speed Two


Lichfield Live 1st February 2017

Groups launch advertising campaign in last ditch bid to derail HS2


The Mirror 29th January 2017

HS2 section of railway in ex-mining area 'at high risk of COLLAPSE', report warns


The Daily Millbury 28th January 2017

HS2 accused of jobs for the boys over £535k-a-year boss


The Daily Post 26th January 2017

Fancy running a floating cafe at Wrexham's 'jawdropping' Pontcysllte Aqueduct? With 300,000 tourists, a year The Canal & River Trust want someone to open a café.


European Railway Review 17th January 2017

Prime Minister supports campaign to deliver £1bn rail improvements across North Wales & Cheshire


Bucks Herald 17th January 2017

The Government has backed down and confirmed that HS2 Ltd is not allowed to buy land through compulsory purchase to develop projects unrelated to the construction of the rail line.


Chester Chronicle 16th January 2017

Visionary volunteers needed to shape future of region's canals


Mirror 13th January 2017

Ministers REFUSE to guarantee British steel will be used to build £55.7billion HS2 railway


Burton Mail 9th June 2017

Campaign group set up to fight against new HS2 high speed rail plan in Measham


News North Wales 7th January 2017

Wrexham police station site bids 'in process of being assessed'


The Times 8th January 2017

Leavers on the line: two more HS2 bosses quit


Rail Technology 7th January 2017

Treasury committee chair claims HS2 demand forecasts lack credibility


The Guardian 6th January 2017

Old, overcrowded and underfunded: it is time to overhaul our railways


New Civil Engineer 5th January 2017

Serious concern over HS2 demand forecast


Building UK 4th January 2017

HS2 demand forecasts 'lack credibility'


News North Wales 4th January 2017

Possible alternatives being sought for new health centre in Cefn Mawr


Surveyor Transport Network 4th January 2017

Senior MP questions credibility of HS2 forecast


UKIP 3rd January 2017

Train Fare Rises: Ministers eyes on HS2 rather than the service we need and use


Shropshire Star 3rd January 2017

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct to close for repairs on the Shropshire border, it will be closed for three weeks in the new year to allow for repair works to be carried out.


Nottingham Post 1st January 2017

Stunning views from this beauty spot on Erewash Canal could be ruined by HS2'