The Black Lion

The Black Lion LL14 3YS This is the oldest pub in Newbridge, well over 200 years old and situated on the old turnpike road, which originally ran through the centre of Cefn Bychan as it was then called. Cefn Bychan is older than Cefn Mawr, having been in existence for many centuries before the coming of the Canal Era. The turnpike road crossed the River Dee close to where the “New Bridge” is today, and where the name of the area now comes from. There is an inscribed stone over the lintel in the pub naming the owner in 1810, as N&M Stephens. Today, Dave and his staff will be glad to serve you when you call on by, Tel 01978 810 618


The Newbridge Arms

The Newbridge Arms LL14 3BJ Conveniently situated on the B5605 at the top of Newbridge hill, this is a good pub to call into on your way home. This pub was once called the Masons Arms, and again dates back to the early 1800’s. The term “Arms” is originally a term referring to heraldry and coats of arms, and is common in Cefn. The New Bridge Arms is a large building with many rooms and former stables. It has a comparatively long history. In 1831, at the time of the dispute between coal owners and workers, this pub was the meeting place for the Friendly Society of Mineworkers’ Union with 100 members. Today this pub is actively supporting the reinstatement of the Plas Kynaston Canal, and Scott will be glad to tell you all about the current progress, and latest news.