Cefn Mawr & District Chamber of Commerce

As a village Cefn is quite unique, where else can you get a handmade guitar, a computer fixed, a freshly made kebab, a wedding dress, some baby gear, parts for your car, your pushbike fixed, call in to a charity shop, get a Chinese takeaway, a choice of hairdressers male and female, have a drink or two, buy a few fireworks , hire a snow machine or ice bar, get some fish and chips or a kebab, try different pies or get your Sunday joint, buy electrical goods or get them repaired, pick up your meds from the chemist, get your family portrait taken, have your pictures framed or your photos enlarged, pick up your fishing tackle, visit our local undertaker, get your title deeds fixed, get that tattoo you always wanted, get your tyres fixed, get an MOT, or wrought iron gates and railings, a sun tan, call in to the post office for your financial needs, get all your printing sorted, and after all that pop in to  Tesco’s and do your weekly shop. If I have forgotten anything add to the list and pass this on, we have a lot to offer we need to tell everyone we can.


Text by Mike Olijnky, Photography by Michael, LL14 3AB, 01978 820 700




All local businesses please try to attend so that we can make a difference to our community through a commercially lead programmes that are both viable and sustainable rather than relying on public funding streams that are continually running out. Come along and find out how we can take direct action to improve our economy and business prospects in Cefn Mawr and Surrounding Villages in the central section of the World Heritage Site.


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