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Welcome to the page for the WCBC LDP and WHS documents. These show the plans by the WCBC and the WHS Steering Group, unfortunately our community of Cefn, Cefn Mawr & Surrounding Villages that are central to the WHS corridor are marginalised in these documents and largely excluded from the general community of the WHS corridor.


Please note that the WCBC LDP 2006 – 2021 was withdrawn in 2012 because the plan was described as not having sufficient high quantity of housing allocation. This effectively means that when it is reintroduced the areas that were indicated for housing will have greater numbers allocated to them and this will included our area in Cefn.


Unfortunately no mention of work or employment was mentioned as a cause for with drawl of the LDP, although reference to “Sustainability and a reduction of CO2 Emissions” is mentioned in the main body of the text in these documents. We ask the WCBC what exactly is meant by these terms?


For our communities to be truly “Sustainable” our people have to be able go to work. Our main industries have closed and we have high unemployment and yet all we see are large volumes of housing planed for our community on the former works sites of our main industries and employers? Therefore an increasing number of people will have to travel further to work, in which case CO2 emission will go up, not come down, or an increasing number of people will be unemployed. This clearly does not satisfy either criteria, and will not be good for our community or the WHS corridor we are immediately adjacent to. Furthermore if not addressed accordingly this will cause an economic and social disparity between the areas that will eventually have a detrimental effect on the WHS.


We ask the WCBC – WHS Steering Group and the WAG to consider our plans (PKC) very carefully and take them on board as these are about directly addressing employment issues and therefore would provide sustainability and a reduction in CO2 emission by providing local work. Furthermore our proposals provide a positive input towards the WHS on an extremely cost effective basis.

WCBC WHS Tourism Draft Plan 2011
This plan drawn up by the Wrexham County Borough Council is for the 11 mile corridor of Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site along the Llangollen Canal
WCBC - WHS Tourism Development Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
WCBC Local Development Plan 2006 -2021
The LDP by the Wrexham County Borough Council 2010, for review and comment by the people of Wrexham, but withdrawn in 2012 for increased housing allocation by the WAG.
WCBC LDP 2006 -2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [3.0 MB]