NEWS from 2012

Source Wire 20th December 2012

National Trust reveals vision for HS2 around Aylesbury


Shropshire 6th December 2012

Delight at direct rail link for Shrewsbury


BBC News Shropshire 6th December 2012

Shropshire to London direct rail link 'to boost business'


The Shropshire Star 6th December 2012

Shropshire could get a new direct rail service to London by next December, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced today.


Shropshire Star 6th of December 2012

Train steams into Shrewsbury Railway Station

Thame Gazette Today 4th December 2012

HS2 on trial: ‘Consultation flawed because northerners have no idea where it’s going to go’……..except that it is not coming to Wales even though the whole of Wales will be paying for it including everyone in the Cefn Ward!!!!


The Telegraph 3rd December 2012

Development (HS2?) of countryside will lead to 'bitter land disputes' - CLA


The Independent 2nd December 2012

Go slow for High Speed Two…….why not upgrade the London, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Wrexham & Chester line instead and a fraction of the cost????


The Telegraph 1st December 2012

A major legal battle to stop the Government’s HS2 rail project is to begin in what campaigners think is their best chance of derailing the £32 billion scheme.


The Daily Mail 30th November 2012

Protesters prepare for legal challenge against £34bn high speed rail link between London and Birmingham…..the new Welsh By Pass!!!


About My Area News 30th November 2012

SNC Takes HS2 Fight to High Court

Towpath Talk 30th November 2012

Plas Kynaston Canal Group puts programme to the vote


The Bucks Herald 27th November 2012

Battle lines drawn as councils prepare for High Court legal action over HS2


Farlex 26th November 2012

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Opens in Wales (1805)

Wrexham .com 24th November 2012

Proposed Remediation of Cefn Mawr


The Spectator 20th November 2012

Aviation: Don’t say one thing and do another, and don’t put the train(HS2) before the plane…


NBE Piphany 19th November 2012

Not over but under the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct….


The Free Press 19th November 2012

A bright new future for the wonderful Llangollen Canal


The Leader 9th November 2012

'Visitors driven away by Wrexham's one-way system' and the PKC Public Meeting addressing the Remediation of Cefn mawr……

NBE Piphany 8th November 2012

Two goodbyes and hello Llangollen Canal


BBC News North East Wales 10th November 2012

Denbighshire 1,000 new homes plan raises concerns….brace your selves here comes the next round of council planning!!!! And check the other news items on this issue dated 4th October and 2nd July on this web page, the same is planned for here in Cefn Mawr!

NBE Piphany Blog Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Ellesmere Arm on the Llangollen Canal is a busy place and popular mooring for narrowboats…..


The Leader 23rd of October 2012

WCBC have spent £100,000.00 on a plan that will not bring the canal to Cefn Mawr only half a mile away!


Wrexham.Com 29th October 2012

Play Areas Refurbished in Froncysyllte and Brynteg


Daily Post 19th October 2012

Olympic flame visit to North Wales cost councils more than £200,000 when the torch arrived in the region last April with a Menai Strait boat trip, climb up Snowdon and cruise across the Pontcysyllte aqueduct among the highlights ... 16th October 2012

Tesco Seeks Early Morning & Late Night Delivery Extensions


Good Blog: Friday, 12 October 2012

Against the flow on the Llangollen Canal


BBC News North East Wales 4th October 2012

Denbighshire council has been told to find more land to build an additional 1,000 homes……

Camden News Journal 1st October 2012

With homes and businesses on the line, now it's 'HS2 - The Play'


BBC News 1st October 2012

HS2 would cause 'huge disruption' to Ealing 29th September 2012

Cefn Mawr Chapel To Become A Home


ITV News 25th September 2012

HS2 consultation controversy, consultation process which was carried out into the contoversial High Speed 2 route through the Thames Valley could be scrapped. It's emerged that for the second time - people who took part in the investigation did not have their views considered ...

World 20th September 2012

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


ITV News 19th September 2012

HS2 consultation process branded a shambles


Flintshire Chronicle 20th September 2012

A DONATION of 20 two-tonne boulders from Cefn Mawr Quarry will play a vital role in bringing an old flour mill to life at Loggerheads Country Park.


ITV News 20th September 2012

Fury over HS2 award nomination……..because they are being awarded even after cheating on the consultation…… this how things should be done? Please also note that the train is Hitachi Class 395………creating more jobs in the UK are we????


ITV News 19th September 2012

HS2 consultation process branded a shambles


The Uxbridge Gazette 19th September 2012

Anti-HS2 campaigners say the plans were revealed to them at a 'bombshell meeting' of the Colne Valley Community Forum on Thursday last week. Doreen McIntyre, chairman of the Harefield group, said they were told the location…


Buck Free Press 18th September 2012

Packed meeting about HS2 tunnelling…….bury it!


Press Association 18th September 2012

HS2 consultation branded a shambles……and Dialogue by Design seems to be another case of the Government only listening to what they want to hear. Sounds familiar to the story here in Cefn Mawr with the WCBC and the LDP instead!

Times & Citizen 17th September 2012

MP challenges Chancellor…. same story for Cefn Mawr & North Wales, we ask our politicians to join in the call. Furthermore the Rail Line we have goes between Birmingham and London, what’s wrong with that one and reinstating the Wrexham Shropshire Service for mere millions instead of wasting billions on HS2?

Tamworth News 15th September 2012

Fight against high-speed railway HS2 continues by council….and again we ask why is WCBC not joining in since will cost all our people one year’s council tax.


Weekly News 15th September 2012

ANTI-HS2 campaigners hope to take fight to new ministers…..and the anonymous sniper that contributed the additional comment in support of HS2 to this article, own up and make yourself known, at least we the people you call have the guts to be known.

Pea Green Boats 14th September 2012

Luxury canal boat hire, based in Tattenhall Marina, Cheshire, on the Shropshire Union Canal…..explore the Llangollen Canal and Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

Bucks Free Press 13th September 2012

Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan says HS2 should be scrapped….. and the PKC Group Agrees.


The Press Association 12th September 2012

HS2 project 'has cost £65m so far…….which is far more than is needed to upgrade the line from London to Birmingham that also serves Shropshire, Wrexham and North Wales, why are our MPs and Councils not joining in in the call on this one? The PKC Group asks them to.

Buckinghamshire Advertiser 10th September 2012

Land value estimates devalued to help enable HS2, people are being ripped off by this, and we will all have to pay in the end if this goes ahead…


The Telegraph 10th September 2012

Cheryl Gillan: HS2 flies in the face of Conservative values….The PKC Group ask what about North Wales?


ITV News 9th September 2012

Cheryl Gillan: "PM wanted a Welsh MP as Welsh Secretary" and questions HS2 again….no business case supports it.

ITV News 6th September 2012

National Trust fears over HS2 5th September 2012

Africa Entsha at the Glasshouse in Cefn Mawr Saturday


UK Press Association 4th September 2012

Dr Wellings went on: "Few rail schemes make economic sense and the worst example of this is (the London-to-Birmingham high-speed rail plan) HS2. "What we have is a thinly-veiled version of Soviet-style central planning here. These people can't make ...

The Telegraph 1st September 2012

Cut tax and spend less, Tory Right tells George Osborne…have a look at what’s going on here!!!!


The Telegraph 1st September 2012

Countryside 'devalued to make way for HS2’

Buckinghamshire Advertiser 30th August 2012

Our green and pleasant land must be saved ...... and the same is true for Cefn Mawr


Wales On Line 29th August 2012

Cefn Mawr soap company, a success story and hopefully we will see more….

 Uxbridge Gazette 29th August 2012

STOP HS2 campaign mascot is showing her age and needs some help…


Daily Post 29th August 2012

Cefn Mawr soap company milking its success


The Guardian 29th August 2012

Ask the experts: bird watching and boating holidays


Another Header August 23rd 2012

Wales: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, an English Lesson and some really good pictures…


Buckinghamshire Advertiser 23rd August 2012

Against HS2 - Oppose potential M40 plan as well as this will simply waste tax payers (our) money on a flawed propaganda project that will cost North East Wales families millions of pounds and do nothing for us! 20th August 2012

Every canal has its own highlight, but the Llangollen Canal has the. Pontcysyllte ... do/walking/walks/weekendwalks_llangollen_walk.pdf

The Bucks Herald 17th August 2012

Extra £50,000 to be spent on fighting HS2, why can’t WCBC help out with this, after all if the HS2 does go ahead every household in Wrexham will have to fork out £1000.00 for trains that will never come to Wrexham! The PKC Group opposes HS2. 16th August 2012

Virgin Trains loose out to new First Group franchise that could restore direct Wrexham - London Service. PKC Group gives full support, please contact us.


The Shropshire Star 15th August 2012

New Rail Service for Shrewsbury & Telford but where is Wrexham? This is what we need most for our area and WCBC should be getting their teeth into this one.


Shropshire Star 15th August 2012

Rail link is great news but not end of battle, where is WCBC on this? 15th August 2012

Fears for Wrexham to London Rail Services Following West Coast Take Over, where is WCBC on this?


Shropshire Star 15th August 2012

Shropshire to get direct rail link to London, what about Wrexham?


Shropshire Star 14th August 2012

Why Shropshire needs a direct rail link to London, The PKC Group ask where is WCBC on this most important issue.


Shropshire Star 14th August 2012

Direct link to London is needed now, read this one, this guy’s got it right…

BBC News 13th August 2012

Chirk golf club and marina put into administration

The Leader 10th August 2012

Former Cefn chemical site could be mineral goldmine

The Canal & River Trust 1st August 2012

Street View comes to the Llangollen Canal


ITV News 30th July 2012

Court date set for High Speed Rail legal challenge, from Local Authorities. Why can’t Wrexham County Council join in as well, as the HS2 will do nothing for the County of Wrexham or us here in Cefn Mawr, surrounding villages or the WHS as a whole?

Towpath Talk 27th July 2012

A day out on the Llangollen Canal


Buckinghamshire Today 27th July 2012

Timetable set for HS2 judicial reviews


The Week 27th July 2012

HS2 rail opponents win right to seek judicial review


Narrow Boat Albert Blog 26th July 2012

The Llangollen Canal is Missing?


Bucks Free Press 25th July 2012

HS2 consultation responses go missing…..This is the kind of thing that we will have to be aware of when the new LDP is announced for Wrexham, i.e. all the representations made in favour of the PKC by us the people of Cefn….


The Coventry Telegraph 25th July 2012

The Warwickshire branch of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England also had their representations mislaid, as did Kenilworth and Southam MP Jeremy Wright. Offchurch HS2 Action Group and the Warwickshire Gardens Trust's representation also ...

General News 25th July 2012

Local Attractions, the Chainbridge Hotel is uniquely positioned by the River Dee and makes the perfect place to relax and unwind, but if you fancy exploring ...


Kenilworth Weekly News 25th July 2012

Spark of life is given to town’s station dreams…this is the kind of investment in rail infrastructure that we need to secure for Cefn, the WHS Corridor, Wrexham and North East Wales


The Bucks Herald 25th July 2012

Officials ‘mislaid’ responses showing flaws in HS2 plans…this sounds like what happened to us here in Cefn Mawr with the WCBC. Our overwhelming response for the PKC in the LDP was counted as a petition! This means our votes (+1300) count as one vote against the one that was lodged against. i.e. it becomes a draw!

PKC Group News 24th July 2012

WCBC & WHS Group have now corrected the new website for the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct to include our community, Cefn Mawr as a result of direct action by both the PKC Group, Cefn Community Council members, and Local MP’s and AM’s


Link 2 24th July 2012

RFG welcomes support for rail freight in government’s investment package…and this would work for our line Chester, Wrexham, Shropshire, Birmingham to London the old GWR line and not HS2…Good news for us at Cefn and North East Wales.


The Bicester Advertiser 21st July 2012

HS2 will ‘destroy’ six walks and all the associated country side….now even the Ramblers have something to be concerned about regarding HS2…

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 17th July 2012

The Canal of Two Countries: Llangollen Canal, unfortunately on this publicly funded website they forgot about Cefn Mawr…..again….and we the PKC Group would like to know how much this website has cost us the tax and rate payers? The PKC website that you are reading comes free of charge and is funded by ourselves, out of our own pockets.

The Democratic Underground 17th July 2012

UK Ramps Up Intercity Rail Investments and a very good case for considering the GWR line for upgrading as proposed on this website….


Buckinghamshire Advertiser 17th July 2012

Council blasts government for refusing to release 'damning' HS2 report, perhaps the WCBC could also call for this report to be made public!


The Railway People Rail News 17th July 2012

Electrification plans 'undermine' HS2 business case as would the upgrading of the GWR line serving North East Wales running through Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Birmingham and on to London.

BBC News 16th July 2012

£9bn railway investment announced by coalition, but where is the investment for North East Wales, read this and ask questions.


BBC News 16th July 2012

HS2 campaigners return to Parliament for rally


Bucks Free Press 16th July 2012

High Speed 2 comes under further scrutiny from the House of Lords


Bucks Free Press 14th July 2012

MPs blast 'nonsense' assumptions on High Speed 2's benefits


The Coventry Telegraph 12th July 2012

Coventry Telegraph Letters: Let's check out viability of HS2

The Leader 12th July 2012

VIDEO: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct bathed in light for trust launch


ITV News 12th July 2012

New trust for Wales' canals and rivers


Wales on Line 12th July 2012

Pontcysyllte Acqueduct brought to life to celebrate the launch of the Canal and River Trust


The Press Association 11th July 2012

PM's father-in-law attacks HS2 plan and calls instead for an upgrade of the existing lines which could be achieved "at a fraction of the cost".

NB Beefur 9th July 2012

Fallen tree closes top end of Llangollen Canal


Canal World – Llangollen 8th July 2012

We have recently been blessed with the Julia Bradbury series "Canal walks"


Bucks Herald 8th July 2012

Coalition told to do more research into HS2 alternatives


The Oxford Times 7th July 2012

Fears over HS2 rail debts


ITV 6th July 2012

MPs issue new warnings over HS2


BBC 6th July 2012

HS1 Channel link leaves £4.8bn debt, says MPs


Bucks Free Press 6th July 2012

Chiltern District Council calls for HS2 report to be published


The Independent 6th July 2012

Channel Tunnel rail link leaves £4.8bn debt


The Independent 6th July 2012

MPs warn taxpayers could be left with huge bill for HS2 high-speed rail link


BBC 5th July 2012

Cefn Druids marked their European debut by holding Finland's MyPa to a goalless draw at Wrexham's Racecourse.


Express and Star 5th July 2012

HS2 rail junction plans are attacked


Buckinghamshire Advertiser 5th July 2012

Rallying call for HS2 protestors


PR Week 5th July 2012

Anti-High Speed 2 group signs up David Cracknell and Cavendish Communications

Canal & River Trust 3rd July 2012

Llangollen Canal

Canal & River Trust 2nd July 2012

Llangollen Canal to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct,-3.1830270000000382,15


BBC News North East Wales 2nd July 2012

Bodelwyddan protest over plans to build 2,000 new homes……just wait and see what WCBC comes out with as well!!! The Bodelwyddan population of 1,000 could increase six-fold under the proposals which form part of Denbighshire's local development plan (LDP).

The Bucks Herald 2nd July 2012

HS2 ‘day of action’ planned


The Leader 29th June 2012

Lotto cash to create major tourist attraction in Chirk

NB Futurest Blog Spot 27th June 2012

The Llangollen Canal


Buckinghamshire Advertiser 27th June 2012

Greening's 'plough on' with HS2 statement condemned

BBC Radio 4 22nd June 2012

HS2 credibility 'has fallen apart'


The Leader 20th June 2012

Cefn Mawr welcomes CCTV deterrent


The Leader 20th June 2012

Tangled owl rescued by RSPCA in Cefn Mawr 19th June 2012

Embargo, the All Party Parliamentary Group for High Speed Rail published their report, which unsurprisingly says that HS2 must go ahead, as the alternatives are ...


Narrow Boat 18th June 2012

Beautiful narrow boat cruises: Llangollen Canal The Llangollen Canal is one of the most popular narrow boat cruises on the inland waterway network.


The Uxbridge Gazette 18th June 2012

AN ENTERPRISING 12-year-old boy has invented a mobile phone application to help fight HS2 and wants as many people as possible to download it to show ...


Lichfield Live 17th June 2012

Lichfield MP calls for inquiry over financial viability of HS2


The Leader 14th June 2012

Keelan, of Cefn Mawr, Wrexham, has signed a two-year deal with the Liverpool Football Club academy after a successful trial in front of talent scouts.


Daily Mail 14th June 2012

Are the Tories about to backtrack on £34bn high-speed rail link? 13th June 2012

Research suggests HS2 will result in 21000 fewer jobs in Wales. However, the Transport Consortium for North Wales said in its evidence it had expressed support for HS2 and “without investment in high speed rail the existing networks are ...


The Leader 12th June 2012

Gas-fired power station could be built by 2020


The Star 12th June 2012

The Midland Main Line railway should be electrified and upgraded


The Daily Post 19th June 2012

Ambitious plans for £800m gas-fired power plant in Wrexham revealed


BBC North East Wales 11th June 2012

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct buffer zone to limit development


The Telegraph 10th June 2012

Benefits of HS2 were exaggerated, secret report reveals


Becoming Listless 8th June 2012

Llangollen Canal Dave & Ann-Marie's life aboard NB Legend.


Uxbridge Gazette 8th June 2012

Anti-HS2 campaigners slam 'sham report', note the report ignores the closure of the Wrexham – Shropshire rail service in 2010 that ran through Birmingham while advocating another £33 billion pound spend on HS2!


ITV News 8th June 2012

HS2 draws nearer as contracts awarded in 32 Billion Pound Spending

BBC News UK 5th June 2010

Queen Elizabeth II delivers Diamond Jubilee message


BBC Radio 4 Today 5th of June 2010

Adonis: 'Dither and delay' over HS2

The Telegraph 4th June 2010

Queen's Diamond Jubilee: A day at the Thames Pageant with the injured soldiers of boat number 1,000


Kenilworth Weekly News 4th June 2012

HS2 blighted villagers to become film stars


The Mail Online 3rd June 2012

A holiday at 4mph: Canals, quiet and calm on a narrowboat break in wonderful Wales

The Telegraph 3rd June 2012

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, narrow boat manned by military injured in Afghanistan arrives from Llangollen….


The Bucks Herald 1st June 2012

Frustrating HS2 delays in CPO compensation for home owners…


Quality Cottages – News, Events & Attractions in Wales 1st June 2012

Horse drawn boat trips along the Llangollen Canal

The Leader 31st May 2012

Thousands turn out to welcome torch

Mail Online 31st May 2012

Are they preparing for the Victorian Olympics? Torch carrier hitches a ride on a canal boat pulled across aqueduct by period costume-clad workers


Daily Post 31st May 2012

Olympic torch travels through Wrexham and across Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


The Guardian 31st May 2012

Eyewitness: Pontcysyllte aqueduct, Llangollen


Wrexham .com 30th May 2012

Olympic Torch Comes To Wrexham

BBC Wales 30th May 2012

Olympic torch: Day 12 of relay waves farewell to Wales


Wales on Line 30th May 2012

Follow the Olympic torch's final day in Wales across the aqueduct


Warrington Guardian 30th May 2012

Swimming champion and fencing star carry torch on day 12 through Acrefair

BBC News North East Wales 29th May 2012

Llangollen chain bridge gets Heritage Lottery Fund boost


Ecademy 29th May 2012

Barging AboutLlangollen Canal, we set out at 7am, only to discover the M25 was already fouled up, but soon enough….


Daily Post 26th May 2012

Olympic torch relay to cross Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Daily Post 26th May 2012

Acrefair hero who tackled two armed robbers gets Gold Award at police bravery awards


Gazette and Herald 26th May 2012

Goodbye to the Queen of Sheba from Devizes


PS Public 25th May 2012

HS2 Head is getting £450,000.00 a year….

Birmingham Post 25th May 2012

MPs report backing HS2 dubbed a sham by opponents to rail scheme

Wales Online 25th May 2012

First Minister welcomes Olympic Torch’s arrival in Wales

The Leader 24th May 2012

A link between the road through Cefn Mawr and the new road to Cefn's new Tesco supermarket has been made one-way putting lives at risk as new 'no entry sign' is missed.

The Leader 23rd May 2012

£30,000 boost for Llangollen bridge restoration


The Leader 21st May 2012

Fury over plan to move Wrexham CCTV service Mr Roberts, a former police officer with more than 25 years' experience, has stressed control must stay local.

The Leader 21st May 2012

The arrival of the Olympic torch in Wrexham next week will be marked with a spectacular party.

The Telegraph 19th May 2012

HS2 chiefs' link to firm in £8m deal, the quango set up to oversee the controversial HS2 rail project has awarded a multi-million pound contract to Balfour Beatty, a business in which two of its directors own shares.


The Telegraph 19th May 2012

The Government’s plan for the High Speed 2 rail project has been put in “jeopardy” by the Treasury’s reluctance to approve key spending, the directors of the scheme have warned.

The Leader - Wrexham & Flintshire 18th May 2012

Minister backs plans for Welsh medium school in Wrexham, in a statement, Simon Brindle, the Welsh Government's deputy director of schools management, said...... News 16th May 2012

Wrexham Olympic Torch Relay Road Closures Announced, the Olympic Torch Relay will also be carried through Esclusham and Acrefair on its way to Thomas Telford's famous aqueduct in Trevor where it will be ...

Place North West 15th May 2012

Former Air Products Factory land prepared for housing, Justin Cove, associate director of Turley Associates' Manchester office, said: "This site had been allocated for mixed-use development in the emerging Wrexham Local Development Plan.”

The Telegraph 12th May 2012

Red alert over HS2 rail link, the controversial HS2 train project is facing a new blow after an official warning that it faced “major risks or issues in a number of key areas”.

Bucks Free Press 9th May 2012

High Speed 2 not in Queen's Speech

Llangollen Canal - Nb Huffler 8th May 2012

The weather is superb today. What a change from yesterday with the sleeting rain most of the day. We moved on from a few bridges above ...!/2012/05/llangollen-canal.html


Llangollen canal - Angel Light Photography 7th May 2012

…just back from a family weekend in a narrow boat on the Llangollen canal, and this was our home for the duration… …the long range forecast had been ..


The Leader 01 May 2012

Farmer facing £100000 loss as land is swamped and the Eagles Inn on Llangollen Road, Acrefair, where 5ft of water ... Cherrie Owen, owner of the Acrefair Village Shop on Llangollen Road, ...


Daily Post North Wales 1st May 2012

Outline proposals to build 230 houses with commercial and leisure units on the site of the former Air Products site, Acrefair, near Wrexham, were approved ...

BBC News 30th April 2012

Wrexham council discusses Air Products development plans for the site which closed at Acrefair in December 2009, with the loss of 200 jobs, when it moved production of gas plant equipment to China. 29th April 2012

Flood warning issued for Rossett as the River Alyn swells and areas of Acrefair already hit by floods.


ITV News 29th Apr 2012

Wounded Soldiers Sail For London, they'll leave Lyneal Warf in North Shropshire heading down the Llangollen Canal for a 237 mile journey to the Thames, taking more than three weeks.

The Telegraph 24th April 2012

London council accused of 'social cleansing' as it asks housing benefit families to move north…….. April 23rd, 2012

Shropshire boats set off to join jubilee flotilla, the boats are to be a given a grand send-off from the banks of the Llangollen canal at Lyneal Wharf, where the Lyneal Trust provides holidays and canal boat


The Guardian 20th April 2012

Ten of the best tiny British campsites and nearby one of them there's the Offa's Dyke path, the Shropshire Union Canal and the aqueduct at Pontcysyllte, Chirk Castle, the Llangollen steam railway and the ...


Shropshire Star 20th April 2012

Plea for Shropshire fast train link to London, a new direct train link between Shropshire and London will need to be much ... Journeys on the former Wrexham & Shropshire service lasted nearly two hours.


Shropshire Star 19th April 2012

Horse-drawn boat brings Olympic torch to Shropshire, the Saturn will carry the runner bearing the Torch along the Llangollen Canal at about 9.10am. Director of the Shropshire Union Fly Boat Restoration Society, ... 14th April 2012

Spring Has Sprung At Wrexham Country Parks, Ty Mawr at Cefn Mawr has superb views of the Vale of Llangollen and of the Viaduct. Nant Mill Visitor Centre nestles in woodland alongside the beautiful

The Leader 13th April 2012

Titanic brought to life for young museum visitors, Mother Jayne, of Cefn Mawr, said: “They are interested in the Titanic and fascinated by what happened. “I think it's the whole tragedy element and the


Shropshire Star Thursday 12th April 2012

Wellington starts push for direct train to London “We are lobbying for at least some sort of direct rail link as some replacement for the Wrexham & Shropshire service, which had been beneficial ...

The Sleaford Standard 11th April 2012

Paddlers aim to raise £1000 the team started in Llangollen and paddled over the Pontcysyllte and Chirk aqueducts through 21 locks, before joining the Shropshire Union Canal, ...


Boatlife 9th April 2012

Onto the Llangollen Continuously Cruising Aboard NB ...

Hurleston Junction and we leave the Shropshire Union and turn into the first of 4 locks lifting us 34feet up to the Llangollen Canal. By the time we reach the ...

Daily Post North Wales 6th April 2012

Walks in North Wales: Poncysyllte Aqueduct

PRWEB UK 4th April 2012

GJW Direct are proud to announce they have become official supporters of the Shropshire Union Fly-boat Restoration Society. The restored narrow boat will carry the runner bearing the Olympic Torch over the famous Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on the Llangollen Canal in North Wales on the ... 4th April 2012

Wrexham Wakes Up To Spring Snowfall. Our followers reported snow in Bwlchgwyn, Coedpoeth, Brymbo, Cefn Mawr, Ponciau and Brynteg, snow also fell on lower grounds however didn't stick.

North Wales Weekly News 29th March 2012

Llanrwst canoeist Roger talks about his epic round Wales charity paddle along the Shropshire Union canal, then the Llangollen canal, the Montgomery canal, until I can then get on the Vyrnwy River and the Severn.!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=949388893!n=1100360650&fid=1&pdir=NextPage&paid=82a04309-7b1d-11e1-9c90-00215ad801ce&pad=2012-03-31T10%3A37%3A38.753Z&pidx=2&fav=1&mid=d4f36326-7998-11e1-9213-001cc4eda7f4&fv=1

The Lyneal Trust 27th March 2012

Our journey to London is announced and the boats will leave Lyneal Wharf travelling east on the Llangollen Canal, aiming to arrive at Limehouse in East London, where the canal system joins the River Thames, three weeks later.


Daily Post North Wales Mar 27th 2012

Fron choir to record song with Russell Watson, the choir from Froncysyllte met the Manchester based singer on a Christmas TV show last year. Now they will record Welsh hymn Calon Lan with him at Y Foel ...


The Leader - Wrexham & Flintshire news 27th March 2012

Community donations as new superstore opens, to celebrate, store manager Andy Coxill and his team were on hand to present £500 cheques to the Cefn Mawr, Rhosymedre and Newbridge Community Association ...


Shropshire Star Monday 26th March 2012

The bid to restore Shrewsbury’s direct rail link to London will come under the microscope when councillors discuss the issue at a meeting tonight. The county town has not had a direct link since the Wrexham & Shropshire rail company stopped its service in January last year. It was halted when the firm


Cheshire News 23rd March 2012

Chosen few prepare to carry Olympic torch - Swimmer and former Warrington Guardian Sports Personality winner Aden Walker will represent the town on the Acrefair leg in Wrexham on May 30.

The Leader 23rd March 2012

Store giant makes £500 donations to mark official opening


NewsWales - Your daily Welsh news briefing 20th March 2012

Follow the Olympic Torch through Wales


Shropshire Live 20th March 2012

Shropshire Council has welcomed the news that £9.8million is to be spent in ... package to upgrade the railway line from Chester and Wrexham to Shrewsbury.

Shropshire Star 29th February 2012

Plea for Shropshire rail services to London

BBC News North East Wales 25th February 2012

Ex-Fron Choir conductor Ann Atkinson wants male singers

Shropshire Star 23rd February 2012

Shropshire may see return of direct trains to London

Shropshire Star 22nd February 2012

Talks bid to restore Shrewsbury’s London rail service

The Daily Post 9th February 2012

Heritage plan for Cefn Mawr

Mail Online 5th February 2012

Froncysyllte: A land of dungeons, scandals - and a VERY old boy band

Woodland Trust 3rd February 2012

Her Majesty The Queen plants a tree for her Jubilee

Window Film 2nd February 2012

Solutia Acquisition Will Increase Growth Rate for Eastman in Asia Pacific

BBC News 27th January 2012

Air Products submit plans to redevelop Acrefair site 25th January 2012

Soprano Kathryn Rudge and the Fron Welsh Male Voice Choir performing in St David’s Day concert for Age UK Wirral 22nd January 2012

Wrexham Youngsters Invited to Join National Storytelling Week go see Cefn Mawr Library for how to join in.


The Dorset Echo 20th January 2012

Tributes paid to former Dorset fire brigade chief borne in Acrefair


The Leader 20th January 2012

The PKC and the WCBC Press Release concerning the LDP Public Hearings, please note that we have been limited to the 21st of February only despite our requests to speak in the most pertinent sessions such as employment.


Shropshire Star 17th January 2012

Business chiefs pressing for direct London rail link


The Telegraph 14th January 2012

High-speed rail: Boris Johnson says that HS2 is 'not right' and 'doesn’t work properly'

Mail Online 11th January 2012

Never mind ruining the countryside. HS2 will be the worst waste of public money for generations……

Borehamwood & Elstree Times 10th January 2012

PM David Cameron applauds Borehamwood & Elstree Times' support for local business

Yorkshire Evening Post 10th January 2012

HS2: Go ahead for high speed rail route?

The Telegraph 7th January 2012

A £250m lesson for Britain's rail enthusiasts: as the Government prepares to give the go-ahead to its hugely controversial London-Birmingham high speed rail project, its closest equivalent in Europe has had to be saved from bankruptcy with a £250 million government bailout.

BBC News North East Wales 4th January 2012

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct visitor centre gets £125,000 upgrade