Dear Reader, you will note that a lot of the articles in this news column are about the realities of what the HS2 rail program will cause or is causing. The PKC Group believe as many other groups do across the UK that a more efficient and better rail service would be acomplished by upgrading and reopening our existing regional railways. Our own line could aleviate consdierable trafffic from the West Coast Main Line for a fraction of the cost and make services that we can use, such as the former Wrexham & Shropshire commercially viable. Please also see our HS2 page.


Furthermore, the tax burden that our community will face for HS2 is the equivalent of what a Railway sation in Cefn Mawr would cost, that most of us would use. So this is an ideal example of what we say and why H2S is no good for most of the people of the UK. 7th February 2019

Council confirm auction for building after community offer rejected – “It is more transparent and gives everybody an opportunity”


The Daily Mail 7th February 2019

The £5BILLION HS2 property disaster: Buying land for the route is set 'to cost five times budget', campaigners warn


Rail Technology Magazine 7th February 2019

Land acquisition costs for HS2 spiral five times higher than originally projected


The Spectator 7th February 2019

The financial logic behind HS2 is collapsing. It’s time to pull the plug


Daily Mail 7th February 2019

Single HS2 station to cost £1BILLION as campaigners say the project is 'falling apart' as expenditure spirals 4th February 2019

Visitor numbers quadruple in 10 years of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct World Heritage Site status to 500,000 annually


New Civil Engineer 1st February 2019

Revealed | HS2 spent £60M on agency staff in last two years


The Guardian 31st January 2019

Plan to transform transport across north of England unveiled


Shropshire Star 30th January 2019

Visitor numbers quadruple at Pontcysyllte aquaduct


BBC News 29th January 2019

Ebenezer chapel community centre in Cefn Mawr auction


The Leader Live 29th January 2019

Former Baptist chapel to go under hammer 29th January 2019

Community building which received £1m cash injection set for auction unless council accept bid


Leader Live 28th January 2019

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct celebrate 10 years of world heritage status


Border Counties Advertiser 28th January 2019

Year of celebrations to celebrate World Heritage Status for Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Llangollen Canal


The Telegraph 26th January 2019

Let's please pull the plug on HS2


Shropshire Star 26th January 2019

Bypass plea to save Shropshire village from HS2 construction traffic


UK 25th January 2019

Remains of Captain Matthew Flinders discovered at HS2 site in Euston


Building News 23rd January 2019

‘Nobody knows’ how much HS2 will cost, admits ousted chair


Denbighshire Free Press 21st January 2019

Starting on Easter Weekend, the vintage bus tours will take guests to the Horseshoe Pass and the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


Birmingham Live 19th January 2019

Skulls and bones revealed as thousands of dead Brummies are dug up during HS2 works 17th January 2019

Ratio of residents to GPs in Wrexham ‘one of the highest in the UK’


The Guardian 13th January 2019

HS2 may run fewer, slower trains to stay on budget and schedule


The Sun 12th January 2019

HS-TOO-SLOW Minister slams ‘viability’ of £56bn HS2 rail project as speeds may be cut to save money — which could undermine the whole project


The Telegraph 12th January 2019

HS2 could be built to carry thousands fewer passengers as part of attempts to keep it within £56 billion budget


Wrexham.Com 7th January 2019

Volunteers look to secure Cefn Mawr property at auction in bid to kickstart cable car and regeneration plans


Construction Europe 7th January 2019

UK’s HS2 to be dropped?


Northwich Guardian 5th January 2019

Scrap HS2 and make better use of the money


Camden New Journal 4th January 2019

HS2’s impact on our lives is only just beginning…


Brink Wire 2nd January 2019

Britain’s most endangered bird the Willow tit will be driven to the brink of extinction by HS2


The Leader 1st January 2019

New signage planned at Trevor Basin