Dear Reader, this page has grown extensively over the past 10 days and will be continually maintained. It is a collection of the best information we can find to help our community at the centre of the Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site during this crisis and hope all will remain well. If you have useful information that you would like to share please send in and we will post, this is how this web page has been built so quickly over the past 10 days and will be continually maintained.


Please note if you scroll down the page you will find sections, input from and links to WHO, AVOW, Cadwyn Clwyd, UK Government, WAG, NHS, BCUHB, Public Health Wales, North Wales Fire Service, Local Food Service, News, Community Councils, WCBC, CAB, Local Help Groups, Local Business Support, Welsh Government Business Support and a lighter side of life section as well.


We hope for the best for us all and will do what ever we can to try and ensure recovery and in the mean time my best wishes to you all,


David Metcalfe, on behalf of the PKC Group & Cefn Community Council.


The Telegraph COVID 19 News regularly updated

For regular worldwide updates on the Coronavirus please click on this link:

Telegraph Corona Virus Updates


The Telegraph & Coronavirus Symptoms 

Coronavirus symptoms: how quickly do they show and what to look out for

Corona Virus Symptoms


World Health Organisation

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public



To everyone providing support at Street Level, Community Organisations and Public Services across Wrexham:


AVOW is continuing to be a conduit to the Council on issues that are arising and there is a strong working relationship across many Departments both operationally and at senior management level. We have now developed several information resources that we are jointly sharing to avoid duplicating requests. Again, huge thanks to everyone who has stepped in to volunteer or adapted ways of working to deal with the crisis we are all in.


AVOW is also a member of the North Wales Covid 19 Community Resilience Group and able to take strategic issues to move them forward.


The AVOW COVID19 Team are trying to ensure that people operating at Street Level planning support are able to have information that will enable them to help support their residents. Anyone doing this is to register the details by emailing


This is in direct response to all the help requests from residents and professionals trying to identify who is doing what.

Community Volunteering:


Despite the AVOW Bank of volunteers now nearly 400 we are still seeking new people to register – over the next 2/ 3 weeks with the expected demand increasing and the risk of 30%+ on our register and at Street Level having to self-isolate there is a need to keep the momentum up and running - sign up on  . A number of people have been in touch to say that they have registered but not been allocated a role – there has been such an influx of Street Level volunteers that many people are using local support – that however is not consistent over the County and this is when the Bank will be stepping in as well as in care homes, community care and other public services.

Communal Food


Many people are asking about making large quantities of food and doing a delivery to people in isolation. Care needs to be taken when preparing food that goes beyond a family sharing a meal with a neighbour.


Mass cooking should be avoided as much as possible due to hygiene related issues – some organisations however may be geared up to this already so they will be aware of the precautions.


It is better to encourage people to make an extra plate and donate to a neighbour.



A key role for volunteers has been the collection of food on behalf of those who are isolating and can’t get out. One of the problems has been around the payment of shopping and people rightly being reluctant to hand over their bank cards to people they may not know- guidance attached.


To assist with shopping needs, AVOW have produced an extensive list of shops and business that are providing either doorstep delivery or over the phone payments. (www, This should help many people who have been unable to get online delivery slots with the major supermarkets.

The Foodbank in Wrexham is still operational and has started a number of doorstep deliveries – the Foodbank is a last resort provision and is not for people’s ongoing food needs – to obtain food from the Foodbank someone needs to have the necessary voucher issued by a support agency.

Food Parcel: Confusion


There has been a considerable amount of confusion over the eligibility of a Free Food Parcels from the Welsh Government. These are only available to people who have received a letter from the Welsh Government advising they need to stay at home for a 12-week period to ‘Shield’ themselves. The letters have gone to approximately 85,000 across Wales to a specific group of people who have defined medical conditions


The process to obtain a parcel is that anyone with a letter must first identify if they have family, friends or community support that are able to do their shopping. If no support is available, then they need to contact the Council on the number in the letter 292000 and the details will be put onto a Welsh Government database. Once on this database the person will receive a weekly food parcel that contains basic requirement- all parcels are the same at present so special dietary requests are not possible. The Food Parcel will be delivered direct to a person’s door by a commercial contractor and not by the Council or AVOW Bank Volunteers.


If someone thinks they fall into the category but have not received a letter they should contact their GP and NOT the Council. This process and criteria are potentially subject to change as things develop.


This service is not based on financial need and everyone should be doing their best to use all existing support for their food needs before contacting the Council.

Free School Meals: A Grab and Go bag scheme has been developed as an initial response for children who are entitled to Free School Meals – these are now being distributed in a variety of Council and Community locations across the County. Locations are on this link:


It is hoped that a Voucher Scheme like the one set up in England will be launched soon in Wales.

Delivered Hot Food: A number of business have started delivering hot food and they can be found on

Prescription Delivery: Many people have found obtaining their medication an issue – again they should first use any existing community support if there is nothing suitable then the information can be emailed to or tel 01978 312556 and one of the AVOW Covid19 Team will assist.


Hospital appointments: Requests have been coming in this week for transport for people to non Covid19 appointments. These have been undertaken by AVOW Bank volunteers but if someone is requiring transport please give 48 hours’ notice. There may be some restrictions applied to this service as a risk assessment will be undertaken on each occasion.


Response time from volunteers: Neither the AVOW Bank volunteers or those from the community should be seen as an emergency response. AVOW were possible would try to identify a volunteer on the day of request in most instances but it may be the next day. If anyone has emergency needs, they should phone the appropriate numbers.


Wellbeing: It is becoming apparent that the anxiety level with people is increasing and those seeking assistance have started to increase this week and anyone offering support at Street Level needs to be mindful when offering to help. When people contact AVOW seeking assistance, we will do our best to ascertain of there are any additional emotional health needs.


The wellbeing of volunteers and staff is crucial, and every organisation should have support identified that they can call upon or recommend. There are several online resources that are available but here are two (no endorsement given)


Keeping in Touch – emotional support


Local communities should remember that people will be very worried and isolated- good idea to set up Talking Trees – these are when one person has a role to ring another resident who then rings someone else on the branch – this is a way to ripple messages but also helps people to reduce isolation.


It cannot be underestimated the level of emotional support people will need to get through by talking to each other. Lots of online information to help individuals and families to cope ;  support for older people  


Age Cymru Advice on 08000 223 444 or send them an email on .


Mums Net

Help for ladies in pregnancy


Volunteers Wanted


Beside all the volunteers that are coming forward to help at street level there are many 100’s that are needed to support a variety of services across Health and Care- AVOW are creating the Covid19 Volunteer Bank – we will be matching people to the opportunities as they are available over the next few weeks. There is a ned s for drivers, people with DBS, childcare workers, befrienders, counsellors (need qualified), administrators- virtually anyone with any time to offer. People can sign up




A new fund has been created by Steve Morgan form the Morgan Foundation that will distribute £1 million a week In some areas the Community Council are also using their funds to support local schemes.


Personal Finance


Following the Government announcement of financial support to workers the full info link that may be of help to local residents is


Key Workers and key Volunteers Childcare


The list of people who are defined as Key workers that will be able to access childcare within local schools covers people who are paid and volunteers carrying out Key Roles


Support for children and families


We are heading for an unprecedent period of school closures that will result in families being together for a period of time that they will never have experienced before. Children will be worried and important that they are supported. Communities can look to make packs for children with activities and details of online activities-

WCVA There are two points where most of the information you will need to support the volunteering in your community. There is a vast amount of information available but be selective or you will spend more time reading rather than providing the resource.



NEW Funding: Email AVOW funding Officer

There are various new funding opportunities that have been launched that may assist with the support you are providing either individually or as an organisation. Details still not ben published on access to Welsh Government funding.


PDF Copy of AVOW Poster for volunteering posts.
avow coronavirus a4 poster-mar20.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
AVOW COVID 19 Briefing Sheet 29th March 2020
AVOW COVID 19 Crisis 20-03-28.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [386.2 KB]

Cadwyn Clwyd Community Organization Support COVID 19

Cadwyn Clwyd has funds available to support community enterprises, charities, formal community groups and public sector organisations. The support is to enable community organisations to develop and trail new ways of providing support to frontline community support in the context of the current COVID 19 crisis.

Cadwyn Clwyd Community Organisation Support COVID 19
PDF Copy of Cadwyn Clwyd Poster
FINAL PDF - Cadwyn Clwyd CV-19 Community[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [410.9 KB]

Central UK Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do, Advice and other information on related matters to

WAG & Coronavirus

WAG & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus.
  • Find out what to do if someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus.
  • If you are concerned about your symptoms, check if you need medical help.
  • Find out how you can reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.


Welsh Government advice for Voluntary Organisations

NHS Direct Wales


Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Corona Virus Advice


This briefing document contains up-to-date information about what is being done in North Wales as we co-ordinate our response to the rapidly developing situation.
BCUHB COVID-19 Partner Briefing 20 March[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

Public Health Wales

Public Health Wales is one of the 11 organisations which makes up NHS Wales. We are the national public health agency in Wales. We work to protect and improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities for the people of Wales.

North Wales Fire Service

NWFRS - North Wales Fire Service


Dear all.


In the present position the nation finds itself, many people are requested to stay at home as much as possible.


It is a sad statistic that generally the more time that people stay at home, the greater risk of a fire in the home. People need to stay vigilant and take precautions to make their home a safer place. North Wales Fire Service have always offered free advice to residents and normally undertake Home Visits to offer this advice. However, this has now been restricted under the present crisis.


Therefore, please take care, stay safe and I provide a useful advice sheet that covers the main points.  




Mike Davies NWFRS

Fire Safety Check List
Basic fire safety tips for adopting into your daily routine to help make your home safer.
Fire Safety Check List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [516.2 KB]

Local Community Councils

Cefn Community Council:

Clerk - Trina Nicholls-Smith – Telephone 01978 821298

Cefn Community Agent - Marie-Claire Telephone 07925 048711



Llangollen Rural Community Council:

Clerk - Mrs Andrea Evans – Telephone 07950813858 - E-mail:


WCBC - Wrexham Council News

The Council is maintaining an information site were lots of local and national information can be found.




Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 1.4.20


Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 30.3.20


Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 27.3.20


Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 26.3.20


Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 25.3.20



Social Care provision


Social Care continues to be provided in line with our normal levels of provision at this time. Significant numbers of staff are being affected by self-isolation requirements and arrangements are in place to maintain capacity despite this.


The capacity of the social care market in Wrexham has been under pressure before the Coronavirus outbreak and does not have the capacity to increase its level of service to respond to an increase in demand. Services have service continuity plans in place to cope with service disruption due to reduction of staff capacity. However, this has never been tested for as long as is expected in the outbreak. Social Care is liaising with the Betsi Cadwaladr NHS Trust and the County Voluntary Council to coordinate its responses to this challenge.


Services are being provided remotely where possible to avoid risk and low level services have closed to focus on high priority services.


Access to Personal Protective Equipment has been a concern for service providers, but limited supplies have now been provided from the Welsh Government. The local authority will liaise with independent sector partners regarding support in this area and plans to source further supplies independently of the Welsh Government. PPE is prioritized for staff providing personal (hands on) care.


Arrangements are being developed jointly with our County Voluntary Council regarding support for people over 70 and with underlying health conditions. The Adults Single Point of Access has a voluntary sector coordinator working as part of the team helping to develop this response.


The situation is being monitored to respond to the developing situation.


WCBC & Social Care 27th March 2020
Council Social Care continues to be provided in line with our normal levels of provision. Significant numbers of staff are being affected by self-isolation requirements, but arrangements are in place to maintain capacity despite this.
WCBC Social Care 27.3.20.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [275.1 KB]

Citizens Advice Bureau

CAB recommendations on Council Tax Alleviation
It is welcome that some individual Local Authorities are making what provision
they can assist those who are currently struggling to pay their Council Tax.
However, a crisis on this scale requires a national response.
Coronavirus and council tax arrears.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [46.9 KB]

CAB National Help Line: 03444 77 20 20

Coronavirus - what it means for you - Citizens Advice


This page is regularly updated as government advice becomes available. There are things you can do to help you avoid getting coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. There are also things you can do to stop the virus spreading if you think you have it.

Local Help Groups

Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group

This group is to organise help and support for the local community residents during the Covid19 crisis. Please feel free to add friends who may be interested in helping or just want to stay informed as to what help is on offe...


Local Business Support


Covid-19 - support for businesses for the Cefn & Wrexham


The Welsh Government has announced a package of support worth £1.4bn for small businesses to help them during the coronavirus outbreak.  This assistance is summarised as follows:


Business rates relief


Retail, leisure and hospitality businesses with a rateable value of £51,000 or less will receive 100% business rate relief for the 2020/2021 financial year.


Business grants


  • A grant of £25,000 for occupied businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sector with a rateable value of between £12,001 and £51,000, or;
  • A grant of £10,000 to businesses eligible for Small Business Rates Relief with a rateable value of £12,000 or less. 


Further details on these schemes and additional financial assistance for businesses can be found here:


For grant awards of either £10,000 or £25,000


Please refer to the qualifying criteria shown above under Business Grants. If you feel you are eligible, please complete and submit the online application form. Please ensure you complete all mandatory fields or your claim will be rejected.


Wrexham Council appreciates the exceptional circumstances faced by businesses and is working hard to implement this support package as soon as possible and it may take a few weeks to finalise all awards.


Should you have any queries, please email  You will receive a reply as soon as possible but we would ask you to be patient as we are experiencing a high volume of enquiries at this time.


The Wrexham Business team is receiving numerous requests from local businesses and it is acting as an information brokerage service, directing companies to the official government guidance for employers and business such as the web links below:


Central Government UK

COVID-19: guidance for employees, employers and businesses.


Central Government UK

Closing certain businesses and venues, this link provides guidance on the closure of certain businesses and venues as part of further social distancing measures.


Central Government UK

Claim for your employee’s wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme


HMRC & Central Government UK

Tax helpline to support businesses affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)


Central Government UK

COVID-19: support for businesses


Central Government UK

Business rates: expanded retail discount - guidance


Central Government UK

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals and businesses in Wales


Central Government UK

Help and support if you’re self-employed


Welsh Government

New £500 million Economic Resilience Fund launched for Wales



Emergency support for businesses hit by coronavirus.



Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for employers and employees


Wrexham Council News

New laws and how it affects you and your business during the COVID 19 situation 26th March 2020


The Wrexham Business & Investment team can be reached on 01978 667300 or email


WCBC Business Support
Do you run a business in Wrexham? The Business & Investment Team in Wrexham Council is continuing to provide support to businesses across the county borough during these uncertain times.
Business Support - Covid 19 - PR.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [106.6 KB]

Welsh Government Business Support


“Welsh Government have announced that ALL retail, leisure and hospitality businesses will now receive 100% non-domestic rates relief in 2020-21 regardless of RV.


This is in addition to the existing Small Business Rates Relief schemes.


Additionally, all businesses currently eligible for Small Business Rates Relief – those with an RV up to £12,000 – will receive a grant of £10,000.


Retail, leisure and hospitality businesses with an RV between £12,001 and £51,000 will also be supported and receive a grant of £25,000. “


The £10,000 grant will be available to all businesses who are in receipt of Small Business Rates Relief in Wales regardless of how little or no business rates they pay.  We are awaiting further guidance from Gov’t on this grant.


Business Rates colleagues at Flintshire CC will be contacting all qualifying businesses shortly. If any businesses wish to contact them can do so on 01352 704848 or